Fallout 76 Survivor Stories Locations Map – All Challenge Holotapes

Completing Survivor Stories Holotapes world challenge in Fallout 76 requires you to find ten holo notes in the game and it took me a while to find all their locations. This is one of the first world challenges you’ll be able to complete in the game, because it happens very near the beginning of the game in the town of Flatwoods. I initially though they would be scattered all over the place, but after thorough searching I managed to find them all in Flatwoods. In this visual guide I’ll show you the location of all ten Survivor Stories Holotapes needed to complete the Fallout 76 challenge that rewards 20 atom points.

Fallout 76 Survivor Stories holotapes locations map challenge

Survivor Story: Responder Colonel Location

I got confused by the fact that there are two Colonels in the Responders and it took a while for me to find the Responder Colonel needed for this task. I also think the game was playing tricks on me because I did not see him the first time I visited the house I found him in later. From the church in Flatwoods go south-east. You need to go past the diner towards the road parallel to the one going by the church. There is a red house with a porch overlooking the road and with no apparent access. There are two bodies there near a baby trolley. On one of those bodies is the Responder Colonel Survivor Story.

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Colonel Survivor Story Location

I got a hint about a survivor named Colonel hiding in the church bell tower. Apparently, he was a little boy not yet fit to become a responder. He’s got a funny nickname though and confusing when collecting these holotapes. Go inside the church in Flatwoods. Move towards the robot vendor in the back and then go past him to the left. Next go up the stairs through a narrow passageway behind the vendor. Once on the first floor go back towards the entrance along the walkway. There will be another set of narrow winding stairs that will take you up into the church bell tower. Colonel Survivor Story Holotape is inside a cooler there.

Survivor Story: Dassa Ben-Ami

This was one of the easiest survivor story holotapes to find. Yet, it is also easy to miss. Main story takes you inside the church in Flatwoods. It introduces you to the Responder story line there and you can loot the Overseer cache located inside as well. If you pay attention to the corpses inside the church you will find the holotape. It is found on a corpse laying on the medical table in the left side of the church. Dassa Ben-Ami’s unfortunate remains lay there.

Rev. Delbert Winters Survivor Story

You will be taken towards this holotape by the main story quest as well. It actually happens after finding Kesha McDermott. You need to learn how to cook and visit Reverend Delbert Winters’ house. Just follow the quest marker and you will find the unfortunate reverend in the back room on the floor. Pick up the holotape from his corpse. You can also find some cooking recipes in his house. Rummage through his personal terminal to find out about his Ribeye Steak obsession if you are so inclined.

Survivor Story: Kesha McDermott location

You’ll Find Kesha next to the river that runs just west of Flatwoods. Finding her is part of the main quest that teaches you how to boil water. It is part of joining the responders questline. Her body with the Survivor Story and main quest item are next to the river.

Miguel Caldera Survivor Story

Face away from Flatwoods church and go south east past the diner. Walk until you reach the road parallel to the one going past the church. Turn right until you find the house pictured in the screenshot bellow. Survivor Story: Miguel Caldera holotape is inside a locker on the porch of that house.

Nurse Scott Location

This was the last holotape I picked up. There is a personnel search function at the terminal where you join the responders. Terminal hints that Nurse Scott could be at the hotel nearby, so I spent a lot of time trying to find the holotape there. He is in his house. Walk along the road from the Flatwoods church south. Second house to the right from the church has a corpse on the front porch with a note. Note says there’s a stash behind that house between Brahmin feeding tubs. This is also where Nurse Scott survivor story is at. Man was obsessed with aliens it seems. The funny thing is that he was right!

Sofie Survivor Story

While looking at the Flatwoods church go to the right (north) and then look for the third house on the right. IT is the one just before the road overpass. Go towards its back porch and find Sofie’s corpse there along with here Survivor Story holotape.

Tabitha Survivor Location

Tabitha survivor story is inside the little diner just across the church. Same place where you start self registration for the Responders. Once inside the building go upstairs. Tabitha’s holotape is on a small dining table in the back.

Survivor Story: Willie Mae location

This holotape is located close to where you found Sofie. Go north from the church following the road. Go under the road overpass and look for the first house to the right. It is past what seems to have been a bus stop. You will find Willie Mae’s corpse on the front porch. This will complete the Survivor Story World challenge in Fallout 76 and you should enjoy those 20 atom points you just earned.

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