Fallout 76 Not Going Free-to-Play, According to Bethesda

Bethesda has responded to recent rumors that they’re going to make Fallout 76 free-to-play. According to them, “there is no truth to this rumor.” Even the gaming store that people used to stoke the flames, EB Games Australia, denied that their stock of Fallout 76 was running out. They say that the game is still “an active product,” and that the rumors are categorically incorrect.

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Fallout 76 Not Going Free-to-Play, According to Bethesda
Fallout 76 Not Going Free-to-Play, According to Bethesda

Seemingly out of nowhere, rumors that Bethesda is planning to make Fallout 76 free-to-play started swirling around the Internet. Apparently, the whole thing began in Australia. Somebody allegedly went to an EB Games, a gaming store, and noticed that they seemed to lack FO76 in their stock. From there, the story took off. Just what Fallout 76 needed, another PR cataclysm. Needless to say, the rumors of going free-to-play provoked the ire of fans that have already been plenty burned by Fallout 76 as is. The worst part of the whole thing? Turns out, none of this is true.

Firstly, Bethesda responded to an irate customer on Twitter. that threatened to demand a refund if the rumor turned out to be true. The tweet was short, but couldn’t be more clear: “There is no truth to this rumor.” If that’s not enough to convince you, well, I don’t really blame you. Bethesda has some winning back of trust to do. But then EB Games Australia responding to another person on their Twitter. They call the rumor “categorically incorrect,” going on to state: “EB Games will continue to support Fallout 76 both brand new and preowned, and it remains an active product through both our stores and website.”

So, there you have it. It seems that there’s no reason to get upset or angry; Fallout 76 is not going to become free-to-play. Sure, Bethesda hasn’t exactly been handling the game well; what with the very quick price drops and all that. However, full-on free-to-play is not on the table at all.

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