Fallout 76 Will Be An Online Survival RPG, Say Anonymous Sources

According to three anonymous sources that Kotaku talked to, Fallout 76 is going to be a departure from the series’ staples. In fact, it seems that it will be an online survival RPG, drawing inspiration from the likes of Rust and DayZ. A pretty interesting concept for the Fallout universe.

Fallout 76 Will Be An Online Survival RPG, Say Anonymous Sources
Fallout 76 Will Be An Online Survival RPG, Say Anonymous Sources

After thousands and thousands of people tuned in to watch a Fallout bobblehead in front of a static screen, Bethesda has finally released the teaser trailer for Fallout 76. This immediately started a flurry of theories and guesses as to what exactly Fallout 76 will be. Also, where exactly does it fit in the Fallout universe. Most people seemed to agree that this Fallout happens way before other Fallout games, and it indeed does. As to how the game will play, though, everybody had their own idea.

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That’s where Jason Schreier of Kotaku steps in. He talked to three anonymous sources “familiar with the project.” According to them, Fallout 76 won’t be the standard RPG that Fallout fans are familiar with. Instead, it’ll be “heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust.” Of course Fallout 76 will have a story and quests; it wouldn’t stray that far. And base-building will also be in the game, because of course it will. That said, however, Fallout 76 will apparently take a hard left into multiplayer survival territory.

According to the sources, Fallout 76 was originally a prototype, which the developers used to kind of experiment with the idea of an online Fallout game. Of course, this will also turn Fallout into an online service, presumably with the idea of prolonged monetization. All of this is a lot to take in. I’m sure that a bunch of people will be disappointed by this turn of events. On the other hand, I’m also sure that a great number of players will be happy to play DayZ in the Fallout universe. We’ll have to wait for this year’s E3 for more details on Fallout 76.

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