Fallout 76 Patch Aims to Fix The Broken Economy

A new patch for Fallout 76 has been released, and it brought an end to item duplication. That’s not the only thing this hefty update fixed, as there’s a list of over 150 changes in the patch notes. It comes in a 4 GB package on consoles, and a mere 500 MB on PC. If you’re interested in the highlights, scroll down and well tell you all about the nice new things. If you want the full changelog, you can find that on Bethesda’s blog, or in the game after the update has been downloaded.

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fallout 76 patch notes item duplication
Fallout 76 Patch Aims to Fix The Broken Economy

First the new stuff and the balance changes – power armor lights have been brightened, so you can spot other players in them from farther away. Pretty useful, considering some of them aren’t friendly. The usual stability and performance improvements are there as well. Power generators have been nerfed, so they’ll drop less fusion cores now. More importantly, bobby pins have had their weight reduced a hundred times, which means you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

As for the bug fixes, the most important one is definitely the one that solves the item duplication issue. It has sent the game’s economy down the drain, with folks duplicating valuable items and flooding the market with them, completely messing up their value. Aside from that, the crafting portion was the most heavily fixed in this patch. There’s stuff like adding balistic fiber to the list of ingredients for armor above level 25, reduced component requirements for fixing stuff, and a bunch of other issues related to scrapping and creating things.

A lot of item bugs have also been fixed, like the one that lowered the output of the fusion core generator below the expected eight pieces an hour, or the one that made some magazines not work as intended. If you want the full list of changes, head on over to the blog post.

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