Far Cry 3 All In

Introduction to Far Cry 3 All In.

Far Cry 3 All In follows the Deepthroat main story quest. After you acquired the List of Traitors from privateers in previous quest, Hoyt decides he wants to meet you in person.
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Far Cry 3 All In

Reach Hoyt’s HQ.

Hoyt’s HQ can be found at the southern part of the island. Travel to its gate in order to meet up with Sam.

Speak to Sam.

Sam is at the front gate and prepares you for meeting with Hoyt. During the conversation with Hoyt you get some insight into just how evil he is. During long chat with him he compliments your work and asks you for another favor to do. You will need to go to basement and beat up one of his prisoners.

Meet up with Sam in the basement.

Leave Hoyt’s room and walk downstairs. Turn right and then left once you reach the first floor to find the stairs that lead to basement. Sam will be there waiting for you to lead you to the prisoner.

Interrogate the prisoner.

The interrogation will be recorded for Hoyt’s pleasure. The prisoner should be a big surprise. After Sam pulls you out of the room Hoyt comes down to compliment you and tells you and Sam to join him for some poker games sometime.
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