Far Cry 3 Black Gold

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Black Gold.

Far Cry 3 Black Gold follows the Paint it Black main story quest. After blowing up the satellite dish it is time to tackle the fuel depot to further weaken Hoyt’s organization.
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Far Cry 3 Black Gold

Go talk to Sam.

You can find Sam northwest from Delta Camp. He will be waiting you with a Jeep.

Drive into the fuel depot with Sam.

As soon as you get behind the wheel you will notice Sam’s health at the top middle part of your screen. If Sam dies the quest will fail so you need take care where you leave your jeep when you are setting a bomb. If you leave it out in the open Sam will get swarmed by enemies and killed. His health pool will replenish when he is not under heavy fire however. Every time you plant a bomb you have 20 seconds to clear the area before it explodes, so don’t hang around too long after planting a bomb.

1/4 of fuel depot area destroyed.

One area where you need to place and explosive is at northwest part of compound. You need to plant the explosive inside the building in that area. The area is surrounded by enemies so move quickly to take out the ones near the house before planting the bomb.

2/4 of fuel depot area destroyed.

The next area where you need to place and explosive is at southeast part of compound. There is not many privateers guarding this pump station but you need to head deep inside the building to plant the explosive.

3/4 of fuel depot area destroyed.

The third area where you need to place and explosive is at northeast part of compound. Has one side wide open and enemies will be coming at you from all directions. The spot for setting up explosive is near the entrance so you can easily get back to the jeep after planting the bomb.

4/4 of fuel depot area destroyed.

The final area where you need to place and explosive is at southwest part of compound. This one is probably the hardest one. The spot you need to set up the explosive at is deep inside of the building. In order to get there you will need to defeat all pirates inside and take some stairs. You are going to need to sprint as fast as you can to get out of the building before the 20 seconds is up.

Bring Sam near the fuel reserve maintenance building.

While approaching the next objective point you will notice a silhouette of a jeep near the objective. You need to get your jeep inside that silhouette in order to start the next objective.

Hold this ground and push back enemy reinforcements until Sam returns.

While Sam is setting up the bomb you need to hop in the turret and hold back all the enemies. They will come by foot, by jeeps, and even with helicopters. The red explosive barrels will help you keep their numbers down as Sam does his work..

Everything is going to explode! Escape with Sam.

After Sam set up the bomb he will drive away from the compound. Shoot the red fuel barrels along the road as he drives you to safety.
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