Alex Hutchinson shares his thoughts on Far Cry 4

In a recent interview for Girls On Games Alex Hutchinson, Ubisoft’s Creative Director, talks about Far Cry 4. The interview touches upon Pagan Min, the oppressive tyrant of Kyrat.
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Alex reveals that choices are big part of the game and they influence the rest of the game – some objectives and missions will change.It seems Ubisoft has learned a lot from their previous sequels, as the creative director said:
“When we looked at the data of Far Cry 3, and we saw the people playing the game, we saw that the strength of the franchise is doing what you want.”
The emphasis seems to be on the players freedom of choices and it gets more interesting in multiplayer. Co-op will allow players to create their own stories, alter goals as you go through the campaign and interact with the narrative together with your friends.

The full interview can be watched here:
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