Far Cry 5 Baseball Card Locations - Grand Slam Side Quest

Baseball cards are a kind of collectible in Far Cry 5. There’s nine of them in total, and if you talk to George Wilson at the baseball field in the Whitetail Mountains, he’ll ask you to collect them for him. This will start the Grand Slam side mission. Since some of them can be hard to find, we’ve written this Far Cry 5 baseball card locations guide to help you get them all and complete the quest.

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Where to find baseball cards in Far Cry 5?

If you go over to the FANG Center, in the north of Jacob’s region, you’ll find one in the office. It’s on the otherwise empty shelf in the middle of the room.

You’ll find another one in a cabin on the lake southeast from the FANG Center, the one with the hunting trophy hanging above the porch. Just go inside and you’ll see the card on a shelf.

There’s another one in Cooper Cabin, a house on the large lake southwest of FANG Center. It’s on the shelf near the beds, by the upright mattress.

If you’re still in Jacob’s region, you can grab a baseball card from a gas station between Clagett Bay and Widow’s Creek, in the south of the area. Enter the shop and turn right – the collectible will be on a shelf by the door.

You can find one at a small pumpkin farm in the mountains in the far west of Jacob’s region. The card is on a shelf in the tiny shack, immediately to the left as you enter.

While you’re in the mountains, there’s one at the North Aerial Tower, on the western edge of the area. When you enter the cabin, close the door behind you and look to the left. You’ll see a desk, and the card will be on it.

Heading a bit to the east, you’ll discover a cabin on the north side of Cedar Lake. The card will be on the dresser next to the bunk beds.

Head further southeast, and you’ll find one at the McNeill Residence, east of the FANG Center. Go to the white shack with the awning, past the house. The card will be on a shelf inside, to the left of the door.

The final card is in a container-turned-office east of the Baron Lumber Mill. You’ll have to break down the door (use a melee weapon if you want to conserve ammo), and you’ll find the card on a shelf inside.