Far Cry 5 First Live Event Requires Killing Animals With Fire

The first live event in Far Cry 5 is called Well Done. To complete it, you have to kill a certain number of animals using fire. However, not all methods will work, such as the flamethrower. To complete the personal goal, you have to kill twenty animals in arguably the most gruesome way possible. The event ends on April 10th, so better get cracking. Here’s how to complete the Well Done Live event in Far Cry 5, and how to start it.

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Far Cry 5 First Live Event Requires Killing Animals With Fire
Far Cry 5 First Live Event Requires Killing Animals With Fire

How to Complete Far Cry 5 Well Done Live Event?

To complete the Personal Goal section of the Well Done Far Cry 5 Live Event, you have to kill twenty animals with fire. It seems as straightforward as can be. Simply search the game for animals, and kill them with fire. There’s a catch with this, though. Probably a fair number of players would assume that you can just roast your targets with either a Molotov or, better yet, with a flamethrower. Unfortunately for you, that won’t work. Instead, you’ll have to use alternative methods.

The easiest way is to simply use fire arrows, or incendiary arrows, if you prefer. They’re fairly easy to use, and you commonly need a single arrow to down pretty much anything. So, go out there and get your Robin Hood on. As for the Community Goal of slaughtering 250.000 animals, you don’t really have much control over that. Luckily, according to GameRant, that goal has already been achieved. The ultimate reward for completing the Personal Goal is a skin for the flamethrower, while the Community Challenge will net a new outfit. Also, if the game seems like it’s not tracking your progress, just give it a few minutes to refresh.

How to Start Well Done Live Event in Far Cry 5?

To start the Well Done Live Event, load up your saved game and head over to the in-game menu, where your inventory, map, and other stuff is. From there, go to Online Play, then to Luve Events. Accept the quest, and start roasting yourself some critters. You monster.

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