Far Cry 5 Lieutenant Locations - How to Get 4th Weapon Holster

Weapon holsters are used to allow you to carry more weapons in Far Cry 5. They’re essential equipment, and you’ll want to get them all as soon as you can. In order to unlock the fourth holster, you’ll need to kill a lieutenant. The game isn’t really clear on who these lieutenants are, or where to find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Far Cry 5 lieutenant locations, to help you get the 4th weapon holster.

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far cry 5 lieutenant locations 4th weapon holster
Far Cry 5 Lieutenant Locations – How to Get 4th Weapon Holster

How to get 4th weapon holster?

In order to get the fourth holster, you’ll need more than perk points. You’ll need to kill a lieutenant – and the game does a poor job of explaining who they are, or where to find them. As it turns out the Seed siblings are who you’re looking for. You can kill them – John, Faith and Jacob – in whatever order suits you. Once you’ve dealt with one of them, you’ll be able to buy the Weapon Collector perk using points.

Where to find lieutenants?

In order to kill a lieutenant, you’ll have to amass a certain amount of resistance points in their area first. The main story missions reward you the most, so take care of them first. Then you can tackle side missions and activities, destroy cult property, liberate some outposts and wait for random encounters like hostage situations and cultist vans. The easiest area to clear would be Jacob’s – Whitetail Mountains. That one only requires ten thousand resistance points (it has less properties, outposts and missions than the other two).

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