Far Cry 5 Reaping Trucks - How to Open and Loot

Reraping trucks are big white trucks that transfer cultists’ goods in Far Cry 5. You’ll encounter them in outposts, on the roads, and in a lot of other places across Hope County. They always carry something nice, so you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to loot them. Some players are having trouble opening the trucks – the system isn’t obvious, and it isn’t working properly. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to open reaping trucks in Far Cry 5.

far cry 5 reaping truck
Far Cry 5 Reaping Trucks – How to Open and Loot

How to open reaping truck

When you find a reaping truck, approach its back. You should see yellow boxes directly under the cargo container, on both sides. They’ll be filled with levers. When you approach either box, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with it. Doing so will make Rook pull a lever and open up the truck. A ramp will lower, and the door to the cargo area will open. It’s pretty straightforward, however, it’s not working properly for everyone.

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far cry 5 how to open reaping truck

Reaping truck bugs

A number of players have been complaining that interacting with the levers in the back lowers the ramp, but doesn’t open the door. This is a bug – if it happens to you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only hope the developers fix it before you’re done with the game. In the meantime, ignore the trucks (or blow them up).

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  1. N
    Nolan Powers

    I Noticed you gotta activate the lever *(Twice)* and hop in the back asap. There should be a lever inside to get you back on the outside.

  2. N

    I’ve been having issues besides the doors not opening as well. I haven’t been able to loot any of the heavy weapons from the truck.

    Also for science, if you close yourself inside the truck you have to aim above the lever inside to get it to open again…at which point i was ejected from the back of the truck because I was “floating”. If you get stuck in there while floating, just look towards the front of the truck until you get shot out by the weird physics.

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