Far Cry 5 Update Adds Photo Mode, New Arcade Editor Assets

Far Cry 5’s latest patch, called Update 8, is going live tomorrow after some scheduled maintenance. It’s going to fix a bunch of things, from stability and performance issues, to mission bugs and audio glitches. It’s also going to add some new stuff, including a photo mode and new assets for the Arcade editor and a lobby browser that should make pairing up in mulitplayer Arcade scenarios easier.

far cry 5 update photo mode
Far Cry 5 Update Adds Photo Mode, New Arcade Editor Assets

The photo mode will be accessible through the main menu, and it’ll only be available in solo gameplay modes, so no posing with chums. Unless you count the AI companions, in which case it’s all good. There’s no details on the lobby browser, so we have no idea how usefull it’ll be, but we know it will exist. That’s a start. As for the new Arcade assets, they’re mostly weapons, enemies, static assets and vehilces from the DLCs – Heart of Darkness and Lost on Mars.

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Some crashes have been fixed, along with lightning issues and mission-critical bugs in Furious, The Widowmaker and Descente Dans la Folie. As for gameplay bugs, my favorite is the one where your vehicle would change color after fast traveling. That one’s gone, along with a bunch of instances of clipping, the game automatically changing your weapon, mismatched icons, issues with the SVD and more. You can view the entire list of changes, additions and fixes on the official forum thread, if you’re interested in the details.

Obviously, the photo mode is the biggest thing here. It has become a staple of every open world game in the last couple of years, and the fact that Far Cry 5 launched without one was a bit of a surprise. Ubisoft have finally done it justice, though, so now it’s time to head out into the great outdoors and shoot some pretty pictures instead of hillbilly cultists. Or you can do both at once, we won’t judge.

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