Far Cry 5 Whiskey Barrel Locations - Whiskey River Mission

Whiskey Barrels are type of a collectible in Far Cry 5. They are part of the Whiskey River quest, where you need to collect 15 whiskey barrels. The quest can be started at the Can of Worms Fishing Store, in the northern part of Faith’s Region. Almost all whiskey barrels are found in the waters near the place where you pick up the quest. The quest rewards $900 and 200 resistance points. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all whiskey barrel locations in Far Cry 5.

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Whiskey Barrel Cask Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 Whiskey Barrel Locations – Whiskey River Mission

Where to find Whiskey Casks in Far Cry 5?

We’ll start with the one that is located at the far southwestern side, and slowly progress towards the ones east. I suggest that, if you are on the hunt to collect all of them, you pick up a boat. The game will automatically mark one boat in your vicinity, if you are close to the shore. To make it a bit easier, the game also notifies players of the Whiskey Barrel locations in the vicinity by placing a cross on the shore close to it. It also has some sort of a red-sprayed sign on the rock below the cross as well. If you spot these two, you’ll find the whiskey barrel nearby. The whiskey casks are also connected to an air balloon with a long yellow cable.

Note: It is also important to emphasize the need of getting the perk to last longer underwater. It is necessary for some of the casks due to their locations. You can’t even reach some of them without the perk.

The first cask in this guide will be just north from the northernmost bridge that connects John’s and Faiths Region, closer to the Henbane River zone. There should be a cage in the water with the collectible in it. You need to shoot the cage, so the door opens, and then you can collect it. The second one is a bit to the northwest, just before the larger lake. The shore cross that marks its location is on the west shore, while on the eastern shore is a place of interest at the very edge of the island. The collectible is at the center of the small, shallow lake.

The third whiskey barrel is northeast from the previous one, close to that east shore POI. It’s in the water, at about the same distance from the small island on north, and the bigger POI in the south. When you jump in the water, you should spot a pile of large wooden columns. The barrel is within this pile. For the fourth cask, let’s go northeast from the previous one, deeper into the lake. It is close to a tiny island with two trees, and that red cross. The red balloon that is attached to the barrel by a long yellow line is also next to this tiny island. Be careful, though. This cask is so deep in the water that you’ll have to perform more than one dive.

For the fifth barrel, we’ll head far west, toward Clagett Bay. The location is closer to the northern bay island. The shore red cross is closer to the cask than in most other locations. Once you dive in, look for a pile of helicopter junk, and you’ll find it. The sixth one is close to the shore, to the north. Follow the shoreline and you’ll get to the group of boulders close to the shore. The whiskey barrel is on top of the tallest one. This is the single whiskey cask that you’ll find outside the water.

To get to the seventh one, we’ll continue to follow the shore to the north from the previous cask. Just before you reach the three smaller islands, look for the red cross on the northern island. Jump in the water in front of it, and you’ll be able to spot a hole in a rock formation. It has a balloon pointing towards the cask inside the small cave. To get to the eighth one, continue east, through the narrow water passages. As you go under the bridge and reach Silver Lake on the other side, keep an eye on the second, larger island on your left. At the edge of the second one (there’s also has a boat house nearby), there is a red cross on the shore, pointing towards our goal. Once in the water, look for a long, yellow rope pointing towards the small rock cave, where the cask is.

The ninth one is close to the eastern shore of the closest, largest island. As you reach this side, you should spot a ruined “excavation” machine. On the other side of this machine, deeper into the water, there is a giant metal part whose top is sticking out of the water. This top part also has an entrance, which you should use to dive toward the bottom, where the barrel is. For the tenth one, we’ll go further east, and cross under the longer Whitetail Mountains Rail Bridge, towards the island in the south. Close to this island’s shore (where the small camp is), you should spot a tiny island with a red cross. The cask is bit further from the tiny island, and closer to the bigger one. There is a long yellow rope leading to it, through the pile of green barrels.

The eleventh whiskey cask is further east, close to the small island in the central lake. Swim west from this small island, towards the longer tree trunk. The cask is on one side of it. The twelfth barrel is just east from where we picked up the Whiskey River quest. Sherri Woodhouse even mentions it at the start of the conversation. Find the red cross on its shore and swim toward the deeper waters. Find a spot with a large rock surrounded with grass, and you’ll find the cask.

The thirteenth cask might be the first you find, because it’s marked at the start of the quest. It is west from the previous one, a bit further from the bridge you’ll pass under. This one is easy to spot, as it is inside a red train cargo wagon that is underwater, further from the similar ones on the shore. Head into this wagon to find the whiskey cask. The fourteenth cask is to the west. Follow the coastline of the island to the north until you enter Silver Lake. As you are about to enter the lake, go between the islands on your left, and you should see the red cross on the bigger island to the south. From this mark, there is an underwater yellow rope that takes us a bit further into the lake. Its other end leads to the small concrete tunnel, with a barrel inside.

The final, fifteenth whiskey barrel is just west of the bridge that connects Faith’s Region and Father’s Island, southwest from the previous cask. As you go underneath the bridge from the east, you should spot a concrete pipe on the southern shore. Get close to the shore and use the pipe’s entrance to reach its underwater section to pick up the cask.

All Whiskey Barrel Locations Far Cry 5
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