Cache Money Far Cry 6 - Find Confiscated Treasure in Bunker 2

The Cache Money Far Cry 6 treasure hunt mission requires you to find confiscated treasure in Bunker 2 found in one of the many military installations spread across the game’s world. It will take a bit of light puzzle-solving and exploring as you slowly get your bearings and figure out where the confiscated treasure is hidden. Out of the plethora of treasure hunt side missions, this one is definitely one of the tricky ones. You might find yourself stumped. If that’s the case, just keep reading this guide. We’ll show you exactly where to find the confiscated treasure in Bunker 2 in the Cache Money hunt.

find confiscated treasure in bunker 2 far cry 6 cache money treasure hunt
Find Confiscated Treasure in Bunker 2 Far Cry 6 – Cache Money Treasure Hunt

How to Get Cache Money Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

To get the Cache Money Far Cry 6 treasure hunt and the confiscated treasure in Bunker 2, head to the east of Aguas Lindas and enter the military base through the gate in the southeast of the compound. To the right of the entrance, you’ll find a guardhouse with a note pinned on it. That starts the treasure hunt. Next, head up the ladders to the roof of the building behind the guardhouse.

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Once up there, kill the guard and press the button on the low wall next to the generator. The doors to Bunker 2 will start opening, then stop. However, the hatch on the top of the bunker will blow open, so head up there and drop inside. Find the hatch in the floor and climb down.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Bunker 2

Once you’ve gone down the ladder in Bunker 2, head all the way down the corridor on the left and into the room full of artifacts. Shoot the padlock on the gate, go into the cage, and pick up the keycard on a purple lanyard. Use it to unlock the door opposite the cage and enter the office. Crouch behind the desk with the TV on it and press the button. This will cause the bookshelf on the left to move and reveal a secret room, inside which is a chest with an alligator on it. Open it to get the Sobek Special unique sniper rifle and complete the Cache Money Far Cry 6 treasure hunt. You can also check out our Youtube video guide if you need additional help.

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    You’re missing a very important step that you have to shoot into the room as the doors open to blow up the stuff in there.

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