Oil Rig Crane Far Cry 6 - How to Move Crane on Oil Rig

If you want to know how to move the crane on the Far Cry 6 oil rig and get the gun from the Yaran stash inside, you’ve come to the right place. This is a puzzle that isn’t too difficult to solve, but it is a little bit obtuse. You can try and mess around with the crane as much as you want, but there seems to be no way to actually move it. Well, that’s because you’re looking in the wrong place. We’ll explain how to move the crane on the GDP oil platform in Far Cry 6.

oil rig crane far cry 6 how to move crane on oil rig
Oil Rig Crane Far Cry 6 – How to Move Crane on Oil Rig

Oil Rig Gun Far Cry 6 – How to Move Crane on Oil Rig

To move the crane on the oil ring in Far Cry 6 and get the oil rig gun, first, find the crate you need to lift on the southern edge of the rig. Then, mark which crane the crate is attached to and find your way to its base. That’s the easy part. Once you’re at the base of the crane, look at the floor, and you’ll see a path outlined in yellow. Follow it until you see the white office building on the left. You’ll recognize it by the blue grenade and the words Yara Libre stenciled on it. Go inside the office and walk to the left. Under the window, you’ll spot a yellow console with a big red button. Press it to lift the crate blocking the entrance to the shipping container.

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So, all you have to do now is go back to the previously inaccessible container and loot the whole thing. That’s how yo move the Far Cry 6 crane on the oil rig. Inside, there’s medicine, gasoline, and other resources, as well as a note next to a body that explains what happened to the poor guy. Of course, there’s also the pièce de résistance – the Yaran stash, aka the crocodile chest. Inside, you’ll find the Supercharger unique shotgun. It comes with buckshot rounds and a suppressor, as well as other useful attachment mods: Fast Reload and Keep it Cool (improves suppressor cooling rate). It also comes with a charm slot, just for that extra pizzazz of having a little dangly thing while mowing down enemies.

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