Far Cry Primal New Trailer Released

There’s a new trailer for Far Cry Primal online. It’s called simply 101 and it covers everything – from story details and important characters to activities, weapons, skills and gameplay mechanics. And it’s narrated by Adam Jensen, even though he never asked for it.

The video explains Takkar’s place in the world as well as his tribe’s relationship with the canibalistic Udam and slave-driving Izila. It also shows off the different types of weapons – clubs, spears, bows and arrows and how you’ll be able to use them. Takkar has the ability to tame animals and this skill is central to the game. The video contains several wild animals that can be tamed and turned into companions. Different beasts will have different skills – for example, the bear is a pure melee fighter, the badger can scare away larger animals, and the owl can be used to scout out enemy outposts.

It also advertises the preorder bonus, which is a DLC called Legend of The Mammoth. It lets you drink a potion and transform into a mammoth. You’ll even have 3 missions to finish as the beast.

Far Cry Primal is going to launch on February 23rd, on Xbox One and Playstation. The PC version will be released a week later, on March 1st.

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