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Wenja bracelets are a type of collectible in Far Cry Primal. There are 25 of them scattered across Oros and you’ll get rewards for every 5 you find. Some of them are easy to get, but they can also be very well hidden. This guide will show you where to find Wenja Bracelets in Far Cry Primal and which rewards you’ll get for collecting them.

wenja bracelet collectible item fcp
These trinkets once belonged to proud Wenja who have fallen at the hands of one of the other tribes, or in a struggle against the wilderness itself. They are simple in appearance – shells tied together with string. You’ll usually find the bracelets in makeshift shrines dedicated to your tribesmen and women. Sometimes you’ll have to overcome obstacles like a weakened stone wall, or a climbing challenge, in order to get them.

An audio cue in the form of a ghostly voice will warn you when you’re near one of these collectibles, but they still won’t be easy to find. We still don’t know about the rewards they’ll yield, but judging by their low overall number and how well they’re hidden, we think the rewards will be something rather nice.

We’ll update the guide with more information and locations as soon as the game’s out.

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