How to Defend in FIFA 23

While the old saying states that “the best defense is a good offense”, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore playing defense altogether. After all, the best players – and sports teams – have always been great in both of these styles of play. If you are struggling with playing defense in FIFA 23, we are here with some of the best defending tips that are going to show you all there is to know about how to defend in FIFA 23.

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How to Defend in FIFA 23
How to Defend in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 How to Defend

FIFA 23 has added several new options that are going to let you play even better defense. Some of these are brand-new, while others are the product of advanced physics. Let’s start with Partial Team Press. You turn this on by tapping twice and then holding R1 or RB on the second press. This will cause two of your players to start covering the opponents to whom the opponent with the ball has a clear pass to. So instead of attacking the player with the ball, they will instead cut off his passing chances. Very useful in certain situations.

Next up, the Hard Slide Tackle. You activate this by pressing R1 + Square on the PlayStation, or RB + X on the Xbox. This will cause your player to go for the ball and get it as far away as they can. Naturally, this won’t always be useful, but when you do need to use it – for example, if there are several opposing players clustered around you – it can be a very handy move.

Finally, Adaptive Player Switching. In past FIFA titles, one of the biggest problems was that you could never be 100% sure of which of your players you were going to switch to. Usually, this would work fine, but sometimes it would switch you to a less-than-optimal and faraway player. To do this, you can flick the right stick on your controller and you will switch to the player that you point this towards to. If you hold the right stick, you can increase the length of how far away the player that you want to switch to is. There is also a very convenient visual cue here in the form of a line. It can take a while to get used to, but it’s definitely worth mastering.

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