How to Get 4600 FIFA Points From Ultimate Edition Preorder

Not sure how to get 4600 FIFA Points from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder? Don’t worry, we will explain everything. The FIFA 23 release date is just around the corner and fans of the football game can’t wait to get their hands on the next instalment. Many of you have probably already pre-ordered the game. If you’ve preordered the Ultimate Edition, you’ll also get some much-needed FIFA Points. In this guide, we explain when will you receive 4600 FIFA Points from preordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition.

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How to Get FIFA Points From Preorder Ultimate Edition
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Preorder 4600 FIFA Points

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition How to Get FIFA Points From Preorder Bonus Content

UPDATE: If it’s September 27th, and you are still not having your 4600 FIFA Points, try restarting the game a few times and login in and out of your EA account. They will eventually appear. If you know any proven working solution for FIFA Points to appear if players are not getting them, share with us in the comments section!

ORIGINAL STORY: The FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App are now live, offering players access to the FUT 23 Transfer Market, Squad Building Challenges, and so on. With the app now live, many players have hoped to start spending their Ultimate Edition preorder 4600 FIFA Points. However, they quickly learned that their FIFA Points are not there yet. Is this a bug, or something else? Don’t worry, it’s not a bug, you will get your 4600 FIFA Points, eventually.

So, when will you get your 4600 FIFA Points from preordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition? Unfortunately, they will only be available once the actual game releases. FIFA 23 launches on September 27th for those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. Thus, you’ll get your 4600 FIFA Points from preorder on September 27th. And that goes the same for all the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition bonus content. You will only unlock these items once the game goes live in Early Access. As a reminder, here’s what bonus content will you get from preordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition:

  • 4,600 FIFA Points
  • 3 days of early access (Start playing FIFA 23 on September 27th)
  • Untradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Ones to Watch Item
  • 1 FUT TOTW player
  • 5-game Mbappé Loan Item
  • 3-game FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
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  1. J

    Hi i didt get my fifa23 fifa point,s i have bought ultimate edition please help

    1. C
      Cristi Nicolae

      Did you get your Fifa points? I’m having the same issue

      1. A

        I have the same problem ,I didn’t get my fifa points and nothing of the bonuses because I bought ultimate edition

        1. J
          Julian Sanchez

          I haven’t received absolutely anything no points or packs nor anything promised in the ultimate edition.

        2. J
          James fitzgerald

          Not received any of my bonuses yet wither

    2. K

      Try restarting your console/PC I did it now my fifa points show

  2. M
    Michael Lindley

    Hi haven’t got fifa points what’s going on?

  3. R
    Rustem Kushkenbayev

    Also didn’t get a points

  4. S
    Sean Dineen

    My fifa points or my pack totw hasn’t come into my account I’ve tried to log out and back in so many times

  5. T

    Did Not received The Fifa points…

  6. J
    John McHugh

    I did not receive the points or my rewards for buting the ultimate edition

  7. C
    Carly Mackinnon

    Still haven’t got mine, and haven’t received the notification about changing fifa points over from fut 22

  8. G

    I haven’t received mine too

  9. D
    David Smith

    Yeah having the issue of not receiving my fifa points, I’ve tried login in and out of game, ea, and ps4

  10. P

    Hi I haven’t getting the 4600 fifa points and I’ve bought the ultimate edition

  11. J

    I haven’t gone any fifa points and made me start a new account????

  12. D

    I havnet got my fifa points. Why dont i Get them?

  13. J

    Do i still get my Fifa points if i bought the game on a different console but download it on both? Because with playstation you can download games you dont have as long as you have an account on the console that bought the game

  14. S

    is it bcs we bought Fifa23 by steam? where are the bonuses?

  15. J

    im on holiday so only on companion or web app havent recieved anything

    1. J

      Same I just with them would fix this

  16. E

    I did not receive the points or my rewards for buting the ultimate edition

  17. E

    I still have not received. Tried restarting many times

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