FIFA 23 PC Not Launching Fix

If you need a fix for FIFA 23 not launching on PC, you’re far from the only one. This problem is pretty wide-spread among PC players, and the main cause seems to be the Anticheat system. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can try to work around this issue, maybe even solve it for good until the devs roll a proper fix out. So, here’s what you can do.

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fifa 23 pc not launching fix
FIFA 23 PC Not Launching Fix

How to Fix FIFA 23 Not Launching on PC

The one method that seems to fix the issue of FIFA 23 not launching on PC for everybody is to run both the launcher and the game as the administrator. First off, be sure turn the game off (and Origin, too, while you’re at it). By that, I mean all the processes in the Task Manager have to be deactivated. Then, right-click the Origin shortcut (or Origin.exe) and select Run as Administrator from the menu. Click “Yes” to confirm your selection. Now, follow the process for FIFA 23, and you should be good to go. It doesn’t matter which PC platform you bought the game on; the process should work for Steam and Epic, too. We’re not entirely done, though.

If the previous FIFA 23 fix for the game not launching on PC doesn’t work, you might have to uninstall EA Anticheat. Find it in its directory (it’s probably under C:\Program Files\EA\AC) and uninstall it from there. Now, run Origin as admin as described above. Boot up FIFA 23, which will reinstall the Anticheat. Restart your computer when that’s done, then run Origin as an administrator. Disable any antivirus programs you might be running (or add the game, the launchers and the Anticheat to the white list), then turn on FIFA 23. You might also have to uninstall any other anticheat systems you might have on your computer. If all of that fails, well, you’ll just have to contact EA support and hope for the best.

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  1. L
    Leon Nyquist

    Ive tryed everything and nothing works yesterday my fifa had the anticheat problems and now my pc work opening it. It said its open but i dident Get it to come on my screen plis help me and fast.

    1. R

      I run the game from the actual steam app works fine but when I installed by Bitdefender I get the anti cheat crash uninstalled Bitdefender and fifa works from the steam app ?

  2. J

    Hey so i have done everything above and I am still struggling to play it. what happens every time is it will say its finalizing and then it will freeze my hole computer like I cant do anything I cant move my mouse or even do control-alt-delete. i need help

  3. K
    Khaled Elsamad

    I have had some many problems with fifa 23 and that’s with buying ultimate edition when I open the game it says error and further goes on to say secure boot is not enabled. Please help

  4. A
    Adam Stålberg

    i need help fast

  5. B

    it worked for me , 1- I Cleared all runing Origin apps at task manager, 2- Selected FIFA23.exe icon to run has administrator (i had no FIFA23 shortcut and no EA red icon i made a shortcut from: “steamapps/common/Fifa23”) 3- I uninstalled anti cheat at C:\Program Files\EA\AC and installed again 4- I runned from desktop Fifa23 icon has administrator and worked

    1- If doesnt work go your search bar and type run or executar: %temp%
    2 – Delete all your temporary files till the end
    3- Origin right click set run has administrator but if u have windows 11 make compatability with Win8 or Vista svpack2
    4- Enter Origin insert game name and you should be good to go

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