FIFA 23 Stadium Items, Unlock Goal Sounds, Nicknames, Anthems

In FIFA Ultimate Team, Stadium Items represent an additional layer of customization. Players can use these to give their matches a greater personal touch when they unlock Stadium Items in FIFA 23 which include goal sounds, nicknames, and anthems. There are several ways to get these customization items, and they include: via the FUT Store, the Transfer Market, Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, and Rewards. However, currently, there is a problem with unlocking some of these in the game. Specifically, the Crowd Chant, Club Anthem, and Goal Song.

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FIFA 23 Stadium Items, Unlock Goal Sounds, Nicknames, Anthems
FIFA 23 Stadium Items, Unlock Goal Sounds, Nicknames, Anthems

How to Get Stadium Items in FIFA 23

Even though players should be able to get these Stadium Items in FIFA 23 by playing through the game, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Many have theorized that the Crowd Chant, Club Anthem, and Goal Song will all be unlocked once you complete all the Stadium Development III objectives, but for many players – this isn’t happening. So what is actually going on here and is there any way to fix this?

Well, as of now, we don’t know of any method that players experiencing this can use on their end to stop this from happening and to get the Stadium Items like they should. The game’s full release is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, September 30th, 2022. Hopefully, this is one of the issues that is going to be resolved once the game is out tomorrow. After all, Early Access is called that for a reason – since the EA version is often very different from the full one – with more gameplay features and a lot fewer bugs. So, basically, everything that we can do right now is to be patient and to hope that the developers are going to resolve quickly. If not tomorrow, then at least very soon – if we’re lucky.

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    Still locked and no change

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    mick hopkins

    My club nickname anthem and crowd chant are locked even though I have played the required games

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