FF7 Remake Airbuster Disposal - Big Bomber Shells, M Units, AI Programming Cores

Airbuster is one of the bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s a giant robot you’ll fight in Chapter 7, during your time in the Sector 5 reactor. Before you start the fight, you’ll have the chance to dispose of some parts that are used to arm the robot. Whatever you choose to dispose of, it’ll make the battle easier, but specific parts have specific funcions – knowing what to choose can lower the difficulty considerably. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to help you pick the right something for the FF7 remake Airbuster disposal – big bomber shells, M units or AI programming cores.

ff7 remake airbuster disposal big bomber shells m units ai programming cores
FF7 Remake Airbuster Disposal – Big Bomber Shells, M Units, AI Programming Cores

Which components to dispose of?

A lot of it is up to your personal preference, and how exactly your team operates, so we can’t recommend you a route that’s objectively better than the others. For instance, M Units don’t give the Airbuster any kind of tactical advantage, but they do increase the number of items he drops during the battle. If your pockets are lined with healing and supporting items, you can safely ignore M Units and focus on disposing of the other two.

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AI programming cores are what’s responsible for the robot’s fingerbeam attack, the one that can stun you if it hits. The more you remove, the less it’ll use the fingerbeam attack. If you’re certain you can effectively avoid or mitigate these, you don’t have to worry too much about them.

Big bomber shells are the ammunition the Airbuster uses for his area of effect attacks. Since these affect the entire team and are the hardest to dodge, we’d recommend getting rid of as many of them as you can. It’ll lower the number of bombs the metallic menace can lob at your team.

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