How to Kill Huntsman in FFVII Remake

The huntsman is one of the mini bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake. You’ll run into him in during the second chapter, while you’re running from the Shinra guards in Midgar. He appears near the end of the section, and might cause you a lot of grief if you’re not prepared for the fight. If you’re having trouble dealing with him, this guide will show you how to kill the Huntsman in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

how to kill huntsman ffvii remake
How to Kill Huntsman in FFVII Remake

How to defeat Huntsman mini boss?

You’ll notice the huntsman right away – he looks like a bigger Riot Trooper, decked in red gear. The name appearing above his head helps, too. Although the electric baton is his weapon of choice, he can also slam you with the shield, so don’t go thinking you’re safe just because you’re keeping to his left. He can also stun you with the charging shield bash, so make sure you avoid that one at all cost.

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The guy has a lot of health and a big shield, so it won’t be quick fight, however you approach it. Your best bet would be to circle him from a safe distance and wait for the taunt. Once he drops his guard for the taunt, run in and give him a couple of whacks, then quickly retreat to a safe distance. If you manage to get in enough hits you might manage to stagger him, allowing you to do even more damage. He’s weak to fire, so try to use the fire materia on him when you can.

That’s pretty much it. The key here is to be careful and patient. Don’t rush, wait for the right opportunity and don’t be greedy. When you see him recovering, back away before he can smack you over the head.

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