FFXV Assassin's Treasure Quest - Riddle Solutions, Clues & Hints

FFXV Assassin’s Treasure quest is one of the new missions in Final Fantasy XV. It’s part of the Assassin’s Festival DLC, and it’s one of the hardest quests in the entire game. It will require you to solve four puzzles, and when you do, you’ll get the Pendant of Truth. In this guide, we’re going to help you complete FFXV Assassin’s Treasure quest, by giving you hints, clues and riddle solutions.

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final fantasy xv assassin's treasure hunt
FFXV Assassin’s Treasure Quest – Riddle Solutions, Clues & Hints

First Riddle

The first step requires you to visit the notice board in the market, the one with a question mark. It will show you a map with several icons and a message. Once you’ve read it, check out the one right across the street from it (butterfly). You will learn the things written in red are lies. Proceed to the star notice board (also on the square). The bottom line is the truth – go to the lightning icon.

Color Maze Solution

You need to follow the directions from the board to reach the next message. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Follow the street on the right.
  2. Go past the shop.
  3. Turn right and down the stairs at the next fork.
  4. Go all the way down, down two flights of stairs.
  5. Turn left when you hit the wall.
  6. Go forward until you hit a black pole in a dead end. A note will be attached to it.

Second Riddle

The message will point you towards the marketplace. Once you enter it, you’ll see a manhole cover with a note on it. You’ll now need to find five other manhole covers in the marketplace, each with a letter and number. When you’ve got them, arrange the letters so that the numbers are ascending (1,2,3,4,5). You’ll get the word “hotel”. Head to the Leville and go to the reception desk on the ground floor. You’ll see a poster on the wall, congratulating you on solving the second riddle.

Third Riddle

The message will also give you your next hint. It’s a bunch of letters that don’t mean anything – “nichasfe”. It also points you towards flowers, telling you to skip them in order to get the solution.

Flower Puzzle Solution

Step outside, and you’ll see eight flower pots next to the hotel. That’s the same as the number of garbled letters in the note. If you ignore the ones that are blossoming, and look for the letters that match the pots without flowers, you’ll end up with the word “cafe”. Now go down to the parking lot and into the Square Enix Cafe. If you approach the Assassin band, you’ll see a notice board next to the stage. Read it and you’ll solve the riddle.

Fourth Riddle

The new message will mention an eagle and a green arrow. Go climb the giant tower nearby (there’s an eagle at the top). Look to your right, and you’ll see a bunch of green cars in the parking lot, forming an arrow. Jump down and go to where the arrow is pointing – you’ll discover another notice board. It will tell you to follow the “one that’s different”. If you look at the bnners on the cliff, you’ll see that one has an arrow on it. Go to where the arrow is pointing, and you’ll find yet another message.

Spy Question Answers

You’ll need to talk to the spy behind you. He’ll ask you three questions, and you’ll have to give him the correct answers in order to proceed. The three gas pumps at the station will offer you hints, but if you just want he answers, here they are:

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. There’s a third option here. It’s invisible, but it’s below the other two. Choose that one.

ffxv assassin's treasure spy questions
Spy questions

After he congratulates you, you’ll have to find and stop the Templar Envoy. If you remember the girl you talked to at the beginning, right next to the starting board – the one that said the puzzles were too hard for her – she’s the one. Go talk to her. Select the following options:

  1. You seem suspicious.
  2. Fess up.

She will admit she’s the Templar’s envoy, and congratulate you on completing the treasure hunt. She’ll then give you the Pendant of Truth, which will allow you to start another scavenger hunt – In Search of Truth and Treasure.