FFXV Comrades How to Change Outfit and Customize Character Attire

Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer expansion allows players to customize their character’s outfits. This includes articles of clothes like chest pieces (top), pants (bottom), shoes, gloves, and accessories (glasses, etc). At the start of the Comrades multiplayer expansion, you can equip some of the outfit pieces. For the later ones, you’ll need to work for; spending gil and completing challenges. This guide will show you how to customize attire and change outfits in FFXV Comrades.

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FFXV Comrades Galahdian Outfit Showcase
FFXV Comrades How to Change Outfit and Customize Character Attire Clothing

How and Where to change Clothes in Comrades Multiplayer Expansion?

At the start of the game, when you make your avatar, you can pick up the first four pieces of attire. These are the Galahdian attire, garb, footwear and handwear. They are your first outfit pieces that you can equip as you create your avatar.

In FFXV Comrades, if you want to change your outfit and equip some other clothing, you’ll need to find the person that lets you change character in your current outpost. This NPC has a special mini-map icon above their head, and the same mark is on the mini-map. Get close to them, and you’ll get an interaction prompt to change character. This is where you also change your outfit, and equip new pieces of clothing.

Once you gear your avatar up clothing according to your desires and needs, you NEED to chose the option “Finish”. This will take you to the new window, where you write the name of the avatar. If you write the same one you are playing, it will overwrite it with the new outfit on, allowing you to continue your adventure with the same character.

Where to get new Clothing and Outfit pieces

In Final Fantasy XV Comrades, you can buy new pieces of clothing in the Apparel Shop. The first one is found in Exineris, the first outpost in the multiplayer expansion. In order to unlock it, you’ll need to spend 150 kW of power. Once you do it, the shop will get power, and Iris will be glad to offer you to some of her items.

Some of the first items she sells at the start are:

  1. Kingsglaive Attire – Article of clothing to be worn on the upper body. Commemorative shirt distributed to all Kingsglaive recruits. Price: 4 400 gil
  2. Kingsglaive Garb – Article of clothing to be worn on the lower body. Price: 2 900 gil.
  3. Kingsglaive Boots – Article of clothing to be worn on the feet. Price: 1 400 gil.
  4. Kingsglaive Gloves – Article of clothing to be worn on the hands. Price: 1 400 gil.
  5. Striped Tee – Upper body clothing article. Price: 700 gil.
  6. Black Glasses – Decorative accessory for the face. Simple square frames that exude an air of intelligence. Price: 600 gil.

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