Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Comes Last Because of Story Impact

Many FFXV fans are certainly wondering as to why Episode Ignis is the last story DLC to come out. Well, according to director Hajime Tabata, it’s because of its story impact. In other words, Episode Ignis will probably have some kind of important twist or reveal that might change how we view the story.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Comes Last Because of Story Impact
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Comes Last Because of Story Impact

Episode Gladiolus came and went pretty quickly. It was certainly entertaining enough, even if a little too short than what most fans expected. I’m sure a lot of players were curious as to what Gladio was up to while separated from the party, and now we know. The DLC even included some new trophies. In fact, we’ve made a couple of FFXV Episode Gladiolus guides that you can check out, including a Trophy guide.

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According to what Hajime Tabata said a few months ago in Square Enix’s headquarters in Tokyo (via DualShockers), Episode Gladiolus was always supposed to be the first of the three “bro” DLCs (his words). This is largely due to the new battle system that it introduces, which might mean that Episode Prompto and Ignis might also feature their own, different systems.

However, they weren’t sure which of the remaining two episodes would come first. Ultimately, they settled on Episode Ignis being the last. Apparently, this is because the Ignis DLC will be incredibly important for the overall story of FFXV. They want the extra time to really make it something special, even with 70% of the FFXV team still hard at work with the many upcoming DLCs. What this means is anybody’s guess at this point. Maybe Episode Ignis contains some huge reveal, completely altering the story. Or, it could explain some character motivations that are still obscure. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Episode Gladiolus came out on March 28th, and Episode Prompto is scheduled for June, 2017. There’s no set date for Episode Ignis yet.

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  1. H
    Hi there

    I think Episode Ignis will be about the moment he lost his sight or something? How he fought against the empire in Altissia, or maybe something after Noctis went into the crystal.

    1. L

      It will probably cover the period in Altissia, where he went blind :c , maybe we get more scenes with Luna?

    2. A

      Y guess Ignis did something bad in that moment (in altissia, and we’re going to see that, maybe a bad choice…. Waaaa the wait is killing me

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    What about episode Ardyn?

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