FFXV Debased Coin Locations

Debased Coins are items needed for crafting the Expericast spell in FFXV. This spell is rather powerful in terms of acquiring additional experience. In order not to make it too powerful, the locations of Debased Coins are scattered around the map. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the Debased Coin locations in Final Fantasy XV.

Debased Coin Locations

A Debased Coin is a piece of unusable old currency found on the ground. It can be sold for a small amount of gil (150).

The first location is just next to the Hammerhead station. Go next to the building and between some parked cars and buses. You should see the debased coin on the ground.

The second location is just south from Hammerhead station. Head to the Longwythe Rest Area. Once there, look for a group of six large silos. Two debased coins should be right next to them. One is on the ruble, the second next to the car.

One of the locations are even on the other map, in the town called Altissia. This is the city on water that you go to at the end of chapter 8. The Debased Coin in Altissia is found in the northern part of the city. It’s close to the large metal statue, near the gondola that takes you to the Arena Galviano.

Debased coins can be also found inside the dungeons, such as: Keycatrich Trench and Glacial Grotto. Keycatrich Trench is the first dungeon the game takes you to. It is located in the northern part of Leide, north from Hammerhead. Glacial Grotto is in the western part of the main map.

Many of the Debased Coins are found behind the dungeon closed doors, like in Costlemark Tower and Steyliff Grove. Costlemark is in the southeastern part of the map, while Steyliff Grove is northwest. These closed doors are opened with the help of an old lady by the name of Ezma. We’ve written about this topic in the Dungeon Locked Door Guide.

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