FFXV Earth Gemstone Locations

Earth Gemstone is a rare jewel in Final Fantasy XV. Even though you can sell it for some quick cash, it’s better to hold onto it. At some point, you’ll be able to use it to upgrade Valiant, one of the unique weapons you can buy from Tony. As soon as you obtain the weapon, you’ll get the A Better Valiant quest, which will point you towards Cid. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Earth Gemstone in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Earth Gemstone

While you’re playing the later story missions, after you’ve left Lucis, there will be one called Where She Lived quest. It takes place in Tenebrae, and includes following Aranea around as she dumps a bunch of info on you. When you get off the concrete bridge, you’ll end up on a plateau with several parked Imperial shuttles. Go around the first one on the right. Near the entrance, between the shuttle and the cliff, there will be a pile of crates. The gemstone is on the ground next to it.

There is a treasure spot in Southwestern Duscae, west of Taelpar Rest Area. This time, there is something useful here, known as an Earth Gemstone.

Note: We would like to thank Adam for the additional information.

Once you’ve got it, you can return to Cid (who’s either at Hammerhead or Cape Caem) and give him the item and the weapon. He’ll send you off, telling you to return in a couple of days. You’re gonna have to complete some quests and rest at least once before he lets you know the enhancement work is done. We suggest undertaking some hunt quests – ther’s a bunch of them all around, and they can be quite profitable.

Earth Gemstones can no doubt be found in other places as well, but we’ve only discovered this one. If you manage to find them someplace else, feel free to let us know in the comments. As soon as we’ve found more, we’ll update the guide with their locations.

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  1. A

    Found one in Vesperpool in Chapter Eight. It’s directly to the left of the outer entrance to the ruins where you get the Mythril.

  2. C

    There’s also one near the malmalam thicket, near the haven, directly west of the lightning deposit. It’s a blue shiny behind a fence.

  3. Z

    I found one in a crater right outside of Causcherry Plains on the map (directly south of the Cauthess Disc on the world map.) It’s marked by a Treasure Spot. I’m only in Chapter 2.

  4. A

    Found one at the treasure spot right next to Taelpar rest area, on the east side behind the diner. Not sure if those drops or randomized though.

    1. A

      Correction: west side.

      1. A

        Found another: walking the path up toward malmalam thicket.

        Going up hill just past the first “no hunters allowed sign” there is a blue collectable to the left side of the path (again, heading uphill)

        1. A

          And one more: Treasure spot immedietly in the vicinity of Spelcray Haven, north of Caem Shore fishing spot.

          You can stop here with Iris during the quest “All Set to Set Sail”. From Cape Caem take the road going west, stop between the end of the tunnel and the long bridge and there should be a staircase going down to a group of alligator mobs. Past them around the bend is the haven.

    2. T

      Joining in on the Taelpar mention. If you pick up the Two-Horn hunt, you will come across it in a clump of stone before you get to the three two-horns.

  5. H

    I’ve actually found 11 of them, oddly enough . They seem to be the only thing I find on the ground in Duscae.

  6. M

    They are also a random find item, in the duscae, or cliegne region. The items you find walking around that are not tied to procurement landmarks.

  7. A
    Anastacia Burleson

    There are 2 earth gemstones going into the volcano.

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