FFXV Emperor Deposed Trophy - Kaiser Behemoth in Episode Prompto

Emperor Deposed is a trophy in Final Fantasy XV, added in the Episode Prompto DLC. In order to unlock it, you’ll need to defeat the kaiser behemoth, a giant monster lurking in the snowy land. He’s not too tough, but finding him can be a problem. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find kaiser behemoth in Episode Prompto, to help you unlock the FFXV Emperor Deposed trophy.

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ffxv emperor deposed trophy kaiser behemoth episode prompto
FFXV Emperor Deposed trophy

Where to find kaiser behemoth in Episode Prompto

Although finding the beast can be troublesome, it’s not the “where” that’s the problem – it’s the “when”. He appears only at certain times of day. As for the location, you can find him chilling on the eastern side of the big lake in the northern part of the map. He’ll be there around 16:00 hours. There’s a camping spot by the lake, on the north side, in case you need to speed up time.

How to kill kaiser behemoth

Killing the monster shouldn’t be much of a problem if Aranea is with you. We suggest not trying to beat it without her – she’s of great help. The best way we found was hiding out in the weapons shed. There are multiple benefits to this: you have quick access to bazooka and sniper rifle charges, so you can keep spamming the monster with everything you’ve got. You have cover, which is essential for not dying. Finally, if you’re lucky, Aranea will keep him occupied at a safe distance, leaving you to shoot cowardly shots from afar, never getting close to the action.

It may take longer than a fair fight, but it’s the safer option. Once you’re done, you’ll unlock the achievement. You’ll also get ten CPUs and two Phoenix Downs. You can use the former to upgrade your snow bike.