FFXV Errors & Problems

Final Fantasy XV is the newest installment in the long-running franchise. Not surprisingly, considering the game’s problematic development, players have started running into a number of problems and issues. Some of these are minor glitches that have simple workarounds and solutions. However, some are more serious problems that the developers will need to fix. In this guide, we’ll show you a list of all known FFXV Errors and Problems, how to fix and avoid them.

FFXV Errors And Problems

Final Fantasy XV hunt monsters don’t spawn

Some players who’ve been having issues with monster spawns are kinda upset over it. Fortunately, this should be an easy fix, since it might not be a glitch at all. Here’s what could fix it:
  • Finish Declaration of War, if you haven’t
  • Come back at a different time of day

Following Ardyn in the Car Glitch in FFXV

There’s a part in Final Fantasy XV where you have to follow Ardyn in your car, the Regalia. It’s meant to be a simple part of the game, and if you somehow fall behind, Ardin will slow down, so there’s no way you can lose him. However, some players have experienced a glitch in which Ardin will just shoot off at full speed and they lose him and get a Game Over. Unfortunately, there’s no known solution to this bug yet. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the future.

FFXV Titan & Ramuh Chapter 6 Glitch

This is a very annoying glitch, so it’s fortunate that it’s fairly difficult to trigger. WARNING: Slight spoilers ahead, I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. The correct order of events in the chapter is Titan, then you lose the Regalia, then comes Ramuh, and finally you get the Regalia back.

However, since this is an open world game, you can accidentally do things out of the intended order. Apparently, certain players have managed to defeat Ramuh first and Titan second. This messes up the game in a myriad of ways. Your saved game won’t load, and if you load a previous save, you’ll lose the Ramuh ring, but his dungeon will be empty. So just try and stick with the proper sequence of events, and hopefully this glitch will be fixed soon.

Final Fantasy XV can’t save progress

Some players have encountered a “Could not save game” while trying to save their progress in FFXV. The issue could be as simple as not having enough free space on your console. Try to delete some stuff to free up your hard drive. If this doesn’t work, try shutting your console off manually by holding down the “On” button. The PlayStation 4 will then rebuild its database automatically, and you should be able to save your game from then on. We don’t know for sure if the same would work on an Xbox One.

FFXV Crashing CE-34878-0 Error

This is a bug that has affected a number of players since the game launched. The glitch can get so bad that players have reported that it makes the game unplayable. Reinstalling the game could potentially fix this problem. Another solution might be to reinitialize your PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that you’ll lose all your data that way, so be sure to make a backup first. If neither option works, it might be that your hardware is faulty, or the Blu-ray data is corrupt.

FFXV PS4 Camera Angle Issues

People playing FFXV on the PS4 have experienced some grief with the camera angles. Specifically, it seems to have a tendency to get stuck in a top-down view. As far as fixing this bug goes, it might be connected to the type of enemy you’re fighting. When you fight really tall enemies, the camera zooms back to give you a better overview of the action. Go to the Options menu and find the camera options. There’s a bunch of options that help you set your camera to near, mid or far. This should help you fix the problem.

Final Fantasy XV Doesn’t Fit on Screen

This seems to be a very widespread issue. It seems many people are having problems with playing the game on their HDTV’s. Parts of the screen, usually the bottom or top right, are simply outside the shot. Most of these issues are connected to 1080i TVs somehow. People have tried to fix this in every conceivable way, but no amount of fiddling with settings has yielded any result so far. We can only hope that the developers fix this issue in one of the upcoming patches.

FFXV PS4 Framerate & Frame-Pacing Issues

It seems that the game is having serious problems with framerates and frame-pacing on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. On the Pro, playing the game on the High setting appears to run it at over 1080p, somewhere around 4K (but not quite). While this results in a very sharp image quality, it also causes very noticeable frame drops.

The solution to this issue seems to be switching to Lite. Running the game on the Pro using the Lite setting only goes up to 1080p. This results in a noticeably worse image quality. The frame-rate, while more stable than on the High setting, still experiences slight drops. Fortunately, it does run much better, with only a few frame-pacing problems.

As for the PS4, the game performs better than on the High setting on the Pro, since the frame-pacing issues are almost non-existent. That being said, the consensus so far is that the optimal experience is playing on the Pro using the Lite setting.

These are the problems with Final Fantasy XV that we’re currently aware of. If you’ve run into any issues yourself, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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  1. T

    As for the FFXV Crashing CE-34878-0 Error you can also first rebuild the database which only reset you settings and won’t lose data.
    Some if these CE errors can be resolved that way. If that does not help try reinstalling the game and as last resort reinitialize your PlayStation 4.

  2. K

    I’ve also had issues with the driving system – sometimes when I Auto pilot and have Ignis drive somewhere on the map he doesn’t go to the correct place. Once parked at the incorrect spot on the map, it will glitch on me so that you can’t select your desired destination again, I think because the game thinks you’re already there…and sometimes I can’t even manual drive…

    Kind of disappointed at this game so far (just started chapter 3)…

    1. S

      That’s not a glitch, it automatically parks where it thinks you will have best access. If you choose map point and select a spot on the road it will let you go to that exact location rather than a quest spot for example.

  3. A

    I’ve had a glitch a couple times now where it won’t let me talk to anyone, the x button doesn’t even show when I’m near a food person, any type of vendor, or hotel/trailer; same with the Regalia, it won’t let me get in the car when it happens. Only thing x will do is let me jump. Both times it’s seemed to happen after a hunt. I don’t remember what the first hunt was that it happener with, but the second time was after “Secure the Mountain Pass” in Lestallum. When I did the hunt fine, it was when I tried to turn it in that the glitch happened. Got to the tipster and I couldn’t talk to him to turn it in. Reloading the game fixes it, so it’s not too bad, just kind of annoying. Other than that, I love the game so far.

    1. M

      i have a similar glitch.. i need berries for the berried memories quest. If I talk to a vendor in Lestallum, i see “quest’ in yellow but if i press x, nothing happens and then i cant open any menus or talk/interact with anyone

      1. L

        This is exactly what’s happening to me too. Reloading the game didn’t fix it. It’s super annoying. :/

      2. A

        That’s where I’m at, kinda. I have the berries, but when I go to Galdin Quay and talk to the female cook, it won’t let me turn in the berries. I got the yellow box telling me to talk to her and turn in the berries, but the “Quest” box isn’t there for me to turn them in.

      3. A

        I find that when I come upon this issue, Pausing and saving the game resets whatever stops you from interacting with the world.

    2. S

      I’m having the same issue in multiple quest of the game. I have the sturdy helixhorn for engine blade III but can’t give it to Cid. Let sleeping mountains lie quest won’t load because I can’t talk to Dave. I’ve tried reloading, restarting, saving, everything I can think of but nothing is working

  4. A

    I have the ardyn quest bug, i cannot accelerate to follow him and drive at snails pace whilst he just shoots off and gives me a game over. I cannot continue the game like this unfortunately 😕

    1. E

      The “Glitch” with ardyn, people cant catch up with him, because their accelerator is broken, so what they need to do is change controllers or fix it.

      1. B

        So, if you don’t have a spare controller, I was able to fix this glitch by plugging the controller into the console with a usb cable and playing the game with that.

  5. E

    The “Glitch” with ardyn, people cant catch up with him, because their accelerator is broken, so what they need to do is change controllers or fix it.

  6. C
    Cathal Taylor

    I’m serious problem with the game at the moment:

    While doing the Cranky Crustaceans Hunt, right in the middle of battle, for no apparent reason, the game goes into a never ending loading screen. I keep restarting the game, but the problem keeps repeating itself. I literally have no clue why this is happening, and now I’m scared that I can’t even progress through the game at this point. I don’t know whether or not this only happens for the Cranky Crustaceans quest; has anyone encountered this problem before?

  7. C

    My problem is I go to a restaurant and select talk and only get a black screen. I can hear sound and pause game but that’s it.

    1. R

      you’re the only other person I’ve seen with this problem, did you ever find any solution? my game is doing the same thing to me right now.

    2. R

      my game goes black when I talk to a tipster, can pause and still hear music but can’t do anything. also can’t continue with my quest due to blockades in the way. I’ve cleared enemies and looked for side paths but found nothing

      1. N

        I have the exact same problem square enix better fix this soon because I can’t play anymore

      2. H

        HI Ronald, exact same thing happening to me. By any chance were you on the ‘Party of three’ quest when things started to go wrong? Did you manage to find a fix for it yet?

        1. W

          This bug happened to me. Luckily I found a way around this “game breaking bug”. I manually drove the Regalia at the blockade and magically appeared on the other side, in the tunnel leading to the vesper pool. The option to fast travel to the Party For Three quest became available again. Or you can keep driving=1min. My hope is that this trick may help others.

    3. N

      I have this same issue

    4. B

      I have the same exact thing happening. Doesn’t matter which restaurant I go to, it black screens. Tried re-downloading and even tried it with the disk ( I had a digital copy) and it still does it. Doesn’t matter if there is a quest with that restaurant or not. Still black screens…. I feel slightly better knowing I’m not the only one who has the issue

      1. Y

        Did you by any chance find a solution for your problem ? I’m facing the same problem here, with 38h on the gametime counter this is not too funny.

      2. B
        Bryan Reagan

        This is happening to me too when I do photo op quests. Please help

        1. C

          I did a photo quest in Altissia, this big happened and it destroyed my game. I can’t save, sleep or speak to any merchants or quest givers. The problem is like an infection affecting even previous saves and persists even with resetting PS4 HD file structure after deleting game data and any previous save files. I haven’t tried a new game yet. I’m over 70 hours in, I can’t even think about doing all that over so soon.

          1. R

            It is happening to me. And guess what: after winning every fuckong thing at the colloseum!! I spent hours until I could exchange everything. And after it, I go out, and exatly the same fucking problem. I restart and nothing. I cannot save or do anything which implies a load.

          2. N

            This just happened to me too. Lost hour and a half winnings at coliseum but it dont black screen when I talk to a tipster, it buffers on the gear screen and pause screen while its trying to save. Manual save dont work either. 157 hours in and fuck if i’m doing all that again.

          3. N

            Same in Altissia. Regularly manual saved after big wins at the arena then just black screened when I tried to return to past Lucis. Tried an older save too and stopped at a parking spot so autosave would kick in but couldn’t access pause menu or gear menu because those screens were buffering as it was stuck trying to autosave. Just deleted 157 hours of play and started again. I think you can guess how I’m feeling.

    5. N

      I have the same problem! I cannot talk to any tipster without the screen going black. It’s like the game cannot load the next options screen properly (the menu of “talk, food, or hunt)”. Just black with music and I can pause. I’ve gone around the game doing basically everything I can and now I cannot progress any further.

      1. S

        Are u guys doing “party of three quest”?

        I got that cause I fast traveled before triggering the mission. Problem is…the blockades shut down again and I cant enter the vesperpool area anymore.

        1. N

          Yes, I’m on the “party of three” quest. Stuck now.

    6. U

      This same thing is happening to me. Blockades won’t open, black screen at restaurants, and Cid is missing at the base. My last unbugged save was a long time ago 🙁

      1. N

        Yeah can’t find Cid either. Hope I don’t have to delete my data. 50+ hours in….

      2. Z

        Check he will be at a new location with the Cape Caem

        1. N
          N. Foxx

          I went to the new location to make better weapons. It says to go to the garage/lighthouse/boat dock elevator thing to find him, and he is not there. I think my game is just super messed up. At a total loss. Square Enix hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Still have an open ticket from days ago.

          1. M

            This happens if you are trying to go to Cid before you accept the quest to go with Iris to Caem. He will not appear until you get down there with Iris and a cut scene ensues.

    7. C

      I’m having this exact problem!

  8. C

    I have a problem with the “Where the wild chocobos are” quest. When you go here (Dungeon layout in the open) to do this quest after clearing the boss behemoth you jump down to leave the area through a back exit. When you slide through this exit, I get stuck in it. If you go back inside, you cannot fast travel or save the game, and cannot climb back up. The last save was 3 hours ago, which makes me think my auto saves are bugged as well, because 3 hours ago is when I started playing. This game is well too buggy for having 10 years of development time. I know “open world” games will have there issues, but when those issues are to the point that people can’t leave or progress the game, it becomes wasted money spent.

    1. L

      This happened to me too! Lucky for me I had already done the boss battle and saved before I went back to that area. After the boss battle you actually have a chance to return the entrance I believe. I got the problem when I returned to area after wards as I could not exit through the hole at the end of the map and I could not jump back through where I came in. I was lucky I had just beat the boss (hunt) battle and had a relatively recent save file. Sad to hear so many flaws with the game tho. I am having issues with the some monsters from the hunts not showing as well…

  9. S

    A work around for the car going slow, if you have another controller turn off the first one then activate the alternate one and it should work til they Patch this

  10. D
    Didier Ng

    I got a glitch being unable to collect the Sword of the Tall. Either I killed the boss while I decided not to summon or after it died its head was in the wall lol. And the destination indicated the sword is behind a wall. So I had to reset the game given no autosaves inside Costle dungeon…which is very frustrating since I didn’t use any guide at first to get the items and stuffs. In the end, after slaying the boss again, it spawned the sword instantly -.-

    1. A

      Argh!! Me, too!! Costlemark is soooo glitchy! The camera gets stuck all the time because of the fighting in close quarters and it didn’t give me my sword! I tried exiting the castle and re-entering.

  11. J

    My camera gets stuck on one angle and I can’t move it. Nothing in the settings helps, and I’ve heard using a tech on an enemy can fix it, but I have nothing to attack where I’m at (in a dungeon where I’ve cleared everything. I can’t get out due to needing to use a ladder and I can’t target it due to camera angle.) Anyone know of a fix other than reloading?

    1. M

      I have same problem with the camera angle it got stuck to where it’s in my back and the setting won’t help. Any ideas on fixing this?

    2. K

      Just had the same problem at the bottom of costlemark Tower. Had to return to enterance and reload

      1. E

        I had the same issue in the same place. Looks like they need to look into Costlemark’s kinetic cubes.

        1. A

          Same place, same problem.. so its a bug.

          1. N

            Try giving one of your mates a potion or something; the way the camera reconfigures after the little cut-scene allows me to bypass the glitch. I hope it works for you guys too!

    3. L

      I entered training room then left and Camera angle reset

  12. L

    I’ve had a problem with following Ardyn, I can keep up with him fine, but once we reach where we are going I get stuck on the Lodgings page when resting.

  13. E

    My glitch is where I’m using ignis technique and then the graphics get all patchy and glitchy. It only happenes when I use his technique though.

    1. T

      I have this same problem with Ignis’ technique. Blue blocks are scattered everywhere on the screen.

  14. R

    FFXV QUEST PROBLEM on the cursed canvas ….go the destination but the quest wont run

    1. S

      I’m having same issue, but my char also can’t sprint or jump.

      1. A

        You have to go to the restaurant thing (Mahgo or summin) and click on the hunt to do it

  15. J

    I have a huge bug on the last boos fight where after starting the final qte the boss will bug out and stand still. He wont attack or die. Tried 20 times all the same

  16. L

    I have a camera issues sometimes it stays blocked in one angle so it’s impossible to explore or fight😔 , have to exit game to remove it.other than that everything is fine I really enjoy this game😌

  17. S
    samuel sousa1221

    In the Titan Quest i cant pass through the ledge we’re gladius call me

    1. D

      I am having this this same issue. I notice that the glitches seem to start around the first fight with the bats after falling down the hole. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

  18. T

    In the Party of Three quest when you get to the blockade the door is supposed to open for you. For me however it stays locked and I have no idea how to fix this. Am I missing something?

    1. I

      The door only opens at night

  19. J

    So I am at Castlemark Tower and my camera will not turn left and right sometimes and the only way to fix it is to fight an enemy and do a link attack. I’m stuck at the cubes with no enemies so I guess I’m fucked.

    1. J

      For those having their camera stuck in costlemark, this camera glitch happens when you spam warp strike onto an enemy target excessively (especially in those puzzle rooms) so only use warpstrike sparingly (using it to travel or dodging is fine, but not enemy targetting). A temporary solution is to use ally tech skills to unstuck the camera, but once you use warp strike targetting its going to get stuck again so don’t use warp strike targetting until you decided to finish.

      1. D

        Or put your camera on far

  20. J

    Where The Wild Chocobos Are quest when I take pic they talk screen goes black stay that way if I pause that show up but no other menu or botton works beside the ps botton

  21. E

    When I was in the dungeon Costleworks I was on the last battle of the final puzzle boss battle, with three fire giants and the medusa snake thing, the fire giants would just using their gravity pull all three of them at the same time, and medusa would spam her water attack, I was stuck like this for 30 minutes if it was for my summon i’d still be stuck down there.

  22. T

    XBox One – I have had it happen a couple of times where I will either not have my bounty monsters spawn or not have any monsters in the world spawn. I fixed it once by aborting the bounty quest and re-taking it. The second time I had to save, quit to dashboard, and reboot the XBox and they came back.

  23. N

    For the whole TV issue just go into the menu of your TV and change the Zoom or Overscan if you have any of those… just go into the picture settings and you are bound to find a solution unless it is in the Safe Area in your System’s Display Settings

  24. C

    I saved in front of a restaurant anb no i can’t pull up the r2 menu i even tried loading the game but it seems permanent

    1. J

      Same problem only with ordering items from the regalia, i’ve heard there is an issue with the R2 but no info in forums as to how to fix my problem, were you able to fix it? if so how?

    2. S

      Go to the restaurant where you saved and sit with the Black bird and take a Photo. Seriously, I’m not joking. Worked for me.

      1. K

        I can’t believe that actually worked. Thank you! I was going insane!

  25. N

    I did Where The Wild Chocobos Are at the same time as a hunt both for the same guy, went back and completed the hunt but won’t let me complete the quest. Just takes me to the talk/eat menu.

  26. S

    Well i encountered some really annoying and 1 kinda funny bug yet. First the ce and unlimited loading bug hitted me too. 2nd. i glt softlocked in the tower where dino sends you to find a gem. On the bottom floor where you have to fight alot of slimes and red iron guys the game can softlock if you go in one of the entrance tunnels and the snake uses her water spell stuff. She will stay in this form for infinty and you can just die or reload the game.
    Well last but not least if you auto drive your car via fast travel with only a little fuel left the game teleports you to any locatio between the your starting and endpoint and tells you your fuel ran out. I came out in the middle of the titan crater. You can easily fiy that by teleporting to any location or your car. Still its kinda funny to watch

  27. J

    I tried ordering items from the regalia and now I can’t use any items in combat or otherwise whatsoever. Talked to Square Enix support staff and they had no idea what was wrong and couldn’t find any other complaints similar to my own. Does anyone else have this issue? if so how did you fix it? assuming you can use your items again.

    1. J

      ^^ Same – Ordered items from the menu and now i cant access them in combat – Searching Forums now /wompwomp

    2. J

      what happened then

    3. T

      same glitch.. I haven’t found a fix for it.. the only item it lets me access outside the actual menu is Hi-Potions..

    4. T

      NM… found the problem… in the items menu the second option is ORDER… this lets you change the order items show up in your battle menu… if you click x on them.. they disappear off that menu… you just have to reorder them so they show back up.

      1. J

        That didn’t work for me I ordered and reordered them and the tactical menu never shows up. Not even to call a chocobo.

  28. V

    I just had a glitch/game restarting error. I got the Illustrious Regalia quest completed with the holy headlights along with all the boss fights including Jormundgar at the end in the Crestholm Channels. I finished it at level 46 before going to Altissia. Now I can’t get any bounties to show up in the spot I’m supposed to fight them & no enemies spotted riding the chocobo & now in Altissia I can’t progress to fighting the enemy spawn that’s supposed to come out of the the painting on quest “search for Weskham’s bar, Maagho”. Any one know what I can do…besides restarting the game all over again? BTW, the illustrious regalia quest makes enemies never attack after sunset in your car, but it seems it works at all times for me.

  29. A

    I’ve wasted so much time completed all the side missions and the “unknown frontier” mission will not start. I have all 3 pieces for the regalia f type. Have spoken to Cindy I have cleared all the bases. Cannot complete the last dungeon without the f type. Alot of people are saying they did it after the story. I have completed the game but I cleared the bases after chapter 8 when the 3rd one was available. I’m stuck and I don’t know how to fix it. Nobodies found a fix and I’ve wasted so much money and time in the game.

    1. P

      I have the exact same problem. It’s so frustrating.

    2. D
      Divan Grundlingh

      I have the same problem

    3. M

      same……… looks like no flying car or cool dungeon for us, friends.

      1. G

        You actually have to go to the base’s after the mission and locate the parts manually… Now where the parts are I have no clue. I’m looking for the little things myself ATM 😥

    4. G

      You actually have to go to the base’s after the mission and locate the parts manually… Now where the parts are I have no clue. I’m looking for the little things myself ATM 😥
      OK so you will Auto pick up 1 of the auto parts if you did not do the 9gb update. I didn’t so I only the the “unstable stabilizer”. It’s from “Fort Vaullerey” now for the next 2 parts has to be picked up manually unfortunately. So for the 2nd part (Note:best to go in this order due to it causes it to start the side quest for the 3rd part and the mission to get the airship). Go to “Fort Aracheole” once through the gate stay left. Fight the bad guys then continue left. Theirs a little shack (like so many) inside is the “warped wings” on the desk. But keep searching I’ve fount tons of weapons that can be upgraded including a noctis only gun called Cerberus. Anywho. On ur map will be a lil side quest at “Fort Formouth” go do it but the Part is through a hole in the wall I was told.

      1. R

        I have all three parts in my inventory but there are no options when I visit Cindy to upgrade to the regalia f? Confused ain’t the word 🙁

        1. M

          I’m having the same issue and I can’t find out how to fix it. Have all three parts but the quest hasn’t opened for me

          1. A

            I have completed the game and decided to go for new trophies or achievements. So I started New Game+. I was surprise I got the D-type early in the game. In the original game session, I did not get the D-type until much later. Well, I have not been able to get F-Type. I have went to the military bases that to find the warped wings, but I was not able to find it. Since this game session is New Game+, I still have it in my key items. There is a base that is locked, I do not recall if I was able to get into it in the first session (need to load that saved file to check). I’m in chapter 14.

  30. P
    Peter Joseph Ryan

    The original FFXV battle music won’t play after the MP3 player 🙁

  31. M

    I’m having an issue with using Umbra. It doesn’t allow me to goto Lucis. It’s the only area I end up with the black screen and can move around and jump but can’t see anything.

    1. V

      I’m having the same problem too. Did you solve it? Did you contact the technical support? I can go to Altissia but I can’t go to Past Lucis. I’m in chapter 15

  32. A

    I was riding chocobo today and all of a sudden it could only run in one direction. Even when I first call it back it could only face one way, and if it was behind me would start out running away in that direction instead of up to me. It eventually corrected its self, but it took a good five to ten minutes.
    I’ve also fat traveled to the first beach you visit and had some of the water textures, and trees never spawn in.
    And once all prompts disappeared so I couldn’t pick anything up, talk to anyone, or rest.
    Oh and a block prompt stayed up for an entire battle once.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, it just clearly could use a little more polish.

  33. J

    I am 4 hours deep in the mission “a menace sleeps in steyliff” and have gained 600k xp and now my character is stuck in mid air and I can’t move or so anything square enix thank you for wasting my time play this crap game

  34. R

    I have a glitch where it says takka has a quest but I can’t take on the quest, I would stand in the spot where it gave me the quest beforehand and nothing shows up. I can still talk to him though but the quest is just sitting there now.

    1. D

      Don’t talk to takka there’s a news paper on the counter top right next to him that’s what is prompted to take on his quest

  35. D
    Divan Grundlingh

    I did the formouth garrison qeust, but did not get the strange engine, what should I do?

    1. B
      B Barrett

      I had this problem. After clearing all the enemies it puts you back to the base entrance automatically. You then have to go back in and fight even more imperials that spawn to be able to find the strange engine, so go back in, wipe them out and explore it. You also might not want to summon during second time through if given the option, I tried it twice and both crashed the game. The third time I ignored the summon prompt and just kicked the crap out of them all without it.

    2. N

      The same thing happened to me

  36. K

    I’m 100 hours in and just went to switch accessories before adamantoise only to find my accessories are glitched. Everyone exept for Noctis has two accessories that the gAmerican thinks are equipped, but they are not. They can’t be removed because the slots are empty, they can’t be equipped because it thinks they are equipped already. Two different accessories can be equipped and then the game shows the character has 4 accessories equipped (with the checkmark in the list) the glitch to accessories cannot be sold because the game thinks they’re equipped. I have tried for many hours to fix this. It seems that I have lost a few of my character specific unique accessories. Very disappointing. I was very excited to start diving into the difficult dungeons, but now this kind of killed my motivation.

  37. I

    I have this glitch that whenever I talk to a shopkeer (food,quests, etc) all I get is a black screen. I still get background music and get the pause thing when I hit pause. Any help

  38. O

    I have a problem that every time I attack an enemy, I am the one who receive the damage, so all my attacks are literally killing me, please help 🙁

    1. A

      Royal Arms take your HP when attacking with them. This is talked about multiple times during the story.

    2. D

      You where listening to the story right?

  39. L

    Attack or jump doesnt work anymore. Jump even don`t works on chocoboos. Restart don`t help.
    So i cant cast spells or attack – only warp attacks work.
    I decided to re install the game – hopefully it will be better.

    1. K

      Same here. No reply from SE… Oh yeah, nur they want me to delete My 35h save and Start anew. Nicely played SE.

  40. J

    Already have all 3 parts for flying car and beat the game saved game and still not getting into unknown Frontier quest to pop up this is pissing me off stopping me from getting platinum trophy. Went to all 3 bases and walked thru thmy all and still not working even went to Cindy and nothing… did anyone find a fix for this yet..

    1. S

      Not a bug. You need to clear every dungeon that has a hidden door in it. Look up a map for dungeon locations and make sure you’ve cleared them all.

      1. L

        What dungeons? I’ve done the same as other people and cleared all 3 bases and got all 3 pieces for the Regalia Type-F and no side-quest has appeared for me. I think I’ve only cleared one dungeon with a hidden door or entrance, which is the one in the sewers.

    2. C

      Same issue bro….guys need help. I cant go to Pitouss Ruins because of that.

  41. R
    Robin (sixarmsnl

    I have a issue in the steyliff dungeon…Quezacotl re-apear on the bridge and he won’t move i tried everything killed him in a bounty While he’s doppelgänger was stil on the bridge…so I cant get to the sealed door for the, A Menace sleeps in the steyliff. 🙁

    1. S

      I have the same issue… could you solve this? I don’t want to start over.. i’m already lvl 99 and 90hr chapter15

  42. C
    Carl Michael Lagatuz

    I have these errors…

    2. 1 HIT KILL BOSS
    LIKE MALBODOOM…while I’m in a sidequest of slaying this monster to get Tentacle and get the reward Dragoon Lance… I managed somehow to defeat him by unknown move…my damage to him is just a tickle…but he can knocked my party in just 1 Bad Breath move…
    The female monster possessed the painting, Lakshmi. This sidequest gave to me by Vyv to capture image of Lakshmi…then when I’m in Altissia, went to the quest area Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus are gone …dunno where…but there’s HP GAUGE BAR of ENEMY moving around the room and the enemy was invisible…I can target lock on her but I can’t attack, run or even jump…and also can’t capture. So I did was load the game again before the battle and glad it’s back again… I went to the quest again and there it is…the camera icon to capture the painting…I can now do attack, jump, run and take a pic of sidequrst…Chardnook in on the painting and now visible to a female mist enemy.

  43. J

    put a good amount of hours in just farming and gathering in chapter 1, get to around level 17. Progress the story to the part where you check the ferry. Quest gets completed but Dino does not speak to me to start the next main quest. Everything else running normal, but unable to progress the game any further, no active quests in quest log. Reinstalled, not fixed. Guess i have to start a new game and hope it let’s me go further.

  44. C

    Chapter 5 engaging the enemy, when I approach the imperial base to get back the regalia nothing happens, the dialog that’s suppose to take place does not and I cannot progress the main story, anyone have any idea what to do?

    1. H

      Yeah, the same problem keeps on happening to me. I tried saving and loading but that didn’t fix it and neither did restarting the game.

  45. S

    I got stuck in Ramuhs cave. There is a gap you have to crawl through. But you can only enter it after you defeated all the monsters around. Unfortunately there is a monster that can’t be defeated because you can’t see it. That means the game never comes out of battle mode and never let’s me enter that gap. Another one is when you run from Titan with Gladio. He is supposed to follow but gets stuck behind some rocks. You can’t move on without him. It helps to throw magic on him that kills him. After he is dead he will spawn back on the right path and you can proceed.

  46. G

    So while i was auto driving to lestallum during chapter 3, i couldn’t get out of the car when we parked. The game crashed and when i restarted it I was in altissia… HOW THE HELL DO I GET BACK!?!?!

  47. P

    After 108 hours in the endgame, my items button doesn´t work anymore, reinstalling didn´t help either

  48. S

    I beat new game plus by just rushing thru the story quests. After beating the game I immediately went to get the stange engine and type f regalia. Now doing hunts and side quests at level 75 and ignis won’t drive at night. Is there a side quests that triggers this? Some hidden requirement? Cant find any info on a Google search.

  49. E

    any one have a problem with leveling up i have 14000 XP but when i camp or stay somewhere i dont get it i have been stuck at level 24

    1. H

      Omg same I’m stuck at level 6. I have over 10000 exp points and it won’t gain exp no matter where I stay or the chapters I pass.

      1. A

        Did you equip the Nixperience band?

  50. J

    I landed the F-type at the secret dungeon and damaged the regalia on the landing and now I can’t get it to take off or escape the area. Anyone got any ideas?

    1. L

      Have you tried returning to your last rest point?

    2. C

      tow the car. thats the only thing i could figure out. would have been whole-hartedly upset if i had to load over pitioss.

    3. B

      how did you solve this?

  51. L

    Has anybody found a fix for the Into Unknown Frontiers quest not triggering after clearing the 3 Imperial bases and getting all 3 Regalia Type-F pieces

  52. D

    Having problems driving car sometimes able to reverse only other times can’t do anything…… any body else having these problems or any advice ?

  53. S
    Stan Wal

    I can’t save my game on my profile (master account), my son on his subaccount can save. I have done the “defrag” but I can’t save on any account but my son’s. Any clues would be helpful!

  54. M

    I am having an issue accessing my items in battle ever since I used the order feature in the game menue. I can not select to use my items and my on screen menu for items is blank when I try to use it.

  55. N

    into unknown frontiers isnt working for me i have all the items for regalia type f and nothing plz help

  56. H

    I’m stuck at level 6. I have over 10000 exp points and it won’t gain exp no matter where I stay or the chapters I pass or camps I make -.- enemies getting a lot stronger….

    1. D

      That has never happened to me yet but I suggest try staying at hotels that give you a higher exp bonus like the one at golden quay.

    2. D

      Did you figure this out?

  57. B

    I downloaded and installed the Holiday update on my Xbox One and now all the lines in my Ascension pages are gone. Makes it look kinda boring and weird. Anyone know of a fix?

  58. D

    Some of the quest I try to get don’t show up for example cidney building the type f regalia, I’ve beaten the game and loaded my last save and traveled back to past lucis, did the quest for the strange engine but still haven’t got the type f or the quest from cidney, did I do something wrong?

    1. A

      Did you complete all quests given by Cindy?

      If I remember correctly, the last one before Regalia-F quest is the one Cindy asked you to go tunnel dungeon level 50 to get special light lamp for Regalia upgrades

      1. D

        Yes I’ve completed all quest given by cidney and when I go to her for the type f it won’t show in the install selection.

  59. M

    I have a bug that Prompto Photos aren’t loading, I’m 70+ hours of the game and suddenly I can’t see any of my photos there not loading and just showing a black picture… Help!!

  60. F

    I’ve completed the game and in hour 70+ bit suddenely all of Prompto’s photos are not loading and it just shows a black image where it should be, has anyone else witness this??

  61. N
    Nathan Michaud

    why would my weapons chang on me during battle it mess me up any body no why it would do that

    1. D

      Do you have an accessorie called an auto changer on if so take it off, it could also be the enemy confusing you and if it’s neither of those try using a different controller I hope this helps

  62. F

    I’m so mad. I finished a dungeon (killed boss and stuff) and I tried climbing down a ladder!. Noctis didn’t catch the ladder and began running forward. Fucking other controls then don’t work and I have to restart. Wasted 20 minutes of exp and AP AUGH!

  63. I was on the quest “Party of three” and the Regalia stopped driving when I was in the middle of a tunnel. I ended up going ahead and clearing out the imperials that spawned up ahead, but the Regalia still wouldn’t drive. So I ended up walking all the way to the quest marker.

    1. A

      Did you run out of fuel?

  64. M

    I’m playing FFXV and I came across a glitch where just after beating titan and you come across luna’s dog I had to save my game and reload it again because the main mission would not carry on.

  65. J

    I’ve just started having a problem where I cannot select anything! Can’t pick up treasure, can’t ride a chocobo and can’t even hop back into my car. There’s no longer a press A option showing up on my screen, all i can do is jump. Anyone else getting this error and know a fix?

  66. W
    Wilfredo Quiles

    I’m having a problem with chapter 3 “the way of the gods and kings” when I am prompted to go back to the hotel I go over the mission marker at the entrance of the hotel and the cutscene that is suppose to take place does not activate therefore I cannot continue with the story of the game because this is a main quest mission.. VERY disappointed I am with all these glitches. I am a die hard final fantasy fan. Never knew the final fantasy series for this, especially after all the years square Enid made us wait… so far looking like a fail. Any suggestions guys?

    1. R
      Riley Y

      I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried reloading the game on a disc (i have the digital download) and it still didn’t work. Very frustrating. Does anybody have a soultion?

  67. D
    David b

    So i beat multiple bosses before i knew they were bountys now i cant collect the points how do i fix this cause i beat about six secret bosses and now and cant collect bounties.

  68. G

    Doing the fishing quest at vesperpool and caught the Vespa gar but it won’t let me show the fish to navyth, saved progress, reloaded, completed other quests all no good still broken. Super annoying

  69. E

    Not sure how to fix, but fighting the hunting in the peer plant in Lestallum and I can’t do anything. I can move the camera around, so it’s not a camera issue.

    I am only able to move the camera around, and pause. Otherwise my character can’t move, can’t heal, can’t even bring up the main menu.

    Any idea how to fix?

    Brightside, looks like no one is dying any time soon…. lol

  70. D

    So I had a problem where I flew the regalia type f to the monoth haven where that super long secret dungeon is and I completed it after a long time but when I got back to my regalia to leave I couldn’t take off cuz I landed a little to hard when I first came in and now I’m just stuck in that area is there any way to get around this

  71. I

    hey guy, doing let sleeping mountains lie. Doesn’t auto trigger when I have to speak to Dave. If I click talk I can’t interact with anything. I then have to run quite a distance out of the area for everything to start working again. Anyone know how to fix this?

  72. D

    theres also a bug with the camera getting stuck in the dungeon “Steyliff Grove” where if you perform a “link-strike” the camera will become stuck in place… the only way to fix this ive found is by turning on “ally cutaways” in the options menu and using an item on an ALLY not yourself which usually for me anyway fixes the issue till i warp again also using techniques with allies, the camera does not pan to the ally you used a technique with forcing the camera to be stuck onto noctis instead

  73. P

    When gladiua came back after having left the team my technique bar will not fill during battles therefore I can’t use ignus’, promptu or gladius’ special moves during battle. This really sucks.

    1. A

      Do you have the Holiday Pack/Holiday Pack+ and have you equipped the Armiger Accelerator accessory on someone? That stops the Tech bar from filling up.

  74. C

    I play the xbox one version (day one edition) and i am experiecing a self damage bug
    every attack that i land on an enemy hurts me too
    and i’ve also checked on lower lvled enrmies and almost loose everytime because of this

    1. A

      Are you using Royal Arms weapons? They’re built to do that, it isn’t a bug.

  75. N
    Nagrul Astars

    I’ve had an issue taking photographs at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival beginning 1/25/15. It doesn’t register the photograph for the quest objective, even though it is clearly the correct item to photograph.

    The solution I found at first was to move around a bit and snap the photograph again. However, this only resolved matters sometimes. I finally decided scoverdd that quickly zooming (in/out) after snapping the photograph would register it properly.

  76. N
    Nagrul Astars

    Last paragraph* I finally discovered that*

  77. I

    My saved prompto photos are all black. My brother deleted my game to get rid of the recent update that gets rid of Arina. He re-download the game without updating and it didn’t work so he was forced to update the game. I don’t know if this is the reason as to why all my photos are black.

    1. I

      I play Xbox one

  78. J

    Tactical menu won’t load

  79. P

    I have completed game 3 times now and every item arminger hunter rank fishing gear car parts are all gone so i deleted all game and saves and reinstalled but the cloud keeps putting the corrupt saves back i still have my ribbons and v2 equiped on all characters and 3 slots openwd but if i move an accessory of them it goes and wipes all slots

  80. J

    I’ve read some of these comments and I haven’t found anything similar to what I’m dealing with. The problem I’m having with my game is that after I finished the secret dungeon in Costlemark Tower I can’t use my items list. Now I know that before you enter the dungeon you are restricted from using potions and elixirs but I am outside the dungeon and still same problem. Please HELP!!

  81. R

    I’m noticing a couple problems with the side quest I have one for takka in hammerhead where I have to go buy some ingredients in lestalum I go buy them and it won’t tell me to go deliver them to him I’ve tried just going there and when that didn’t work I sold them and re purchased them and it still won’t work. There’s also one in old lestalum where there’s supposed to be two side guest one for sanya to kill a gigantoad and Dave is supposed to be there. But I can’t find him so here’s my question I’ve beat the game 1 time now and I’m level 57 so I don’t want to loose what I have. If I uninstall and reinstall the game!E will I loose all my progress and will it work to fix the problem

  82. A

    Same problem as Jose from above. Still not able to find a solution to the tactical menu missing. Very frustrating as can not even call chocobo. Any one please help

  83. P

    I have an issue where my useless allies will stand at the start of a dungeon but won’t follow me so I end up running the entire dungeon by myself and they’re still at the start no matter what dungeon it is. I’ve restarted the save and game numerous times and it does it on all my saves. I been soloing red giants and whatever by myself. They even get exp even though they don’t leave the start. They follow just fine in world. Noct tends to suck and die vs a horde of lv44+ no matter how many times I rerun any dungeon at all they stand at the start. I can even hear them talk now and then as if they’re near by. I’m not using a disc it was bought from psn store on ps4.

  84. K

    Update 2.0 came out and I have been trying to download it for over 24hrs. It just cuts off with an error code. No explanation with the error code either. I downloaded episode Ignis and that isn’t showing up in my game at all. I have PLENTY of space – it is NOT a space issue. I even downloaded another game and it worked no problem.

    1. K

      1.20 update ^^^

      1. L

        Have you at least tried to run the episode from the download, notification menu?

  85. J

    I am now going through my second playthrough of Final Fantasy 15 and I have all three key items to make the regalia F which if I’m not mistaken that is the Warped Wings the unstable stabilizer and strange engine but yet it’s still has yet to give me the mission I need in order to make the regalia F I have beaten all three of the bases is there any possible way of fixing this to where it will give me the mission I need

  86. G

    I think I found a glitch. Just got the Royal Pack. Saw the new scene in Chap 5. Got the first new quest in Chap 10 but the second is not working. Supposed to take photos for a journalist. Okay. I’ve done that before with Vyv. So this should be easy. But I go to the spot. It says Take Photo (X). I press X and it tells me to take a photo of the broken machine (X). I press X again and it tells me to take a photo (X). I press X again and I’m back to Take Photo (X). I can use L2 and take a photo on my own, but the quest’s photo count still says 0/4. I went to the 2nd spot to take a photo to see if was just a problem with the first. Nope, same thing. I took 3 photos manually. It still says 0/4 and I can’t get it to take a photo by pressing X. So i can’t complete the quest.

  87. D
    Devon E

    I have this ridiculous and outrageous bug where chunks of the roads are just not there. Like I’m driving and there’s a hole and I fall through and damage the Regalia. It keeps trying to get me back up on the road, but there is no road to get back on. It’s so very frustrating. I play the XBOX ONE S version.

  88. M
    Madison Mendoza

    A few days ago, I accidentally cut the power which means that I didn’t properly turn off my PS4. This was while FFXV was on. I do have manual and auto save files. However, the next day, I checked and the data files are lit up but there’s no data there. I checked my accomplishments and it showed trophies I earned from a day or two prior to me shutting the power off. For some reason, it said that Spider-Man is more recent than FFXV even though I haven’t touched it in a few months. I want to recover FFXV but I don’t know how. I also tried starting a new game but it won’t let me save.

  89. B
    Blake Mattson

    Has anyone else had issues accessing chapter 15 after viewing the end credits and saving the file? Do I have to replay the final mission in chapter 14 or is this caused by something else?

  90. Y
    Your name

    How old is this game? I just bought it in 2020 and the Titan fight is STILL broken? What utter trash Square Enix has become. Can’t even fix a game-breaking bug. I get to the “parry the titans attacks” stage and it’s just an endless loop of block, parry, block, parry, block parry. Nothing happens. I did it for 40 minutes thinking it must be some crazy JRPG fight but no such luck. None of my other buttons except the pause button does anything. I can’t summon the whatever weapon, I can’t change weapons, I can’t move, I finally game up and found out I can’t even die. I’m on Normal difficulty and when I stop blocking the Titan can hit me over and over and I never die. This fight is absolutely broken and my game progress is soft locked at this stage of the game.

    Trash game. Trash developer.

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