FFXV How to Defeat Aranea in Intensive Training - Dragoonslayer Trophy

Dragoonslayer trophy is an achievement in Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto. You can get it by beating Aranea in the Intensive Training game mode. The fight is interesting, although a bit hard. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Aranea in Intensive Training, and get the hidden trophy.

FFXV Aranea Air Attack Phase 2

How to unlock Dragoonslayer hidden trophy

To unlock Intensive Training, you need to complete the Episode Prompto story first. Choose the Intensive Training option from the DLC menu, and you’ll begin sparring with the Imperial Dragoon.

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In the first phase, Aranea isn’t too dangerous. She does a series of attacks while on the ground, with a bonus air attack. The most devastating ground attack is when she charges toward Prompto and performs a push-up strike. You should avoid this one every time. It usually happens if you are a bit farther away from her. Her second most powerful move is the air attack. Once she goes into the air, she will charge toward Promto after a few brief moments, ending it with an AoE strike. To avoid damage, keep looking at the mini map and dodge away from the red dot.

The second phase starts when she gets to around 30% health. She will perform the same attacks from the first phase, but with more power, and a greater area of effect. She’ll also get another aerial strike.

Here are some tips for the fight:

  • Your pistol is more reliable than any other weapon you can find on the battlefield. Even the bazooka seems a bit off – it doesn’t feel rewarding.
  • There is a small rock in the southern part of the field. If you stand behind it, Aranea will come walking towards you, and you can shoot freely. It feels a bit cheesy, as the first phase is a bit too easy. She will occasionally walk over the rock, but in general, it is an insurmountable obstacle for her.
  • After several gun shots, Aranea will become vulnerable and you can perform crackshots for devastating damage. This is the best situation, but is less likely to happen in the second phase.
  • The easiest way to defeat Aranea (that I’ve used) is waiting to get all three strike bars filled. All three are needed for the new Trigger-Happy ability. As you activate this skill, Prompto will become invulnerable for a few seconds while shooting a barrage. You have to wait for the right moment, though, when Aranea is close, so the shots won’t miss her. Dodge away, wait for the Trigger-Happy, rinse and repeat.
  • Since you only have one Potion (restores half HP), two Elixirs (restores full HP) and one Phoenix Down (brings fallen members back to life), you really want to save them for the second phase. Your health will regenerate slowly, and you don’t want to waste your consumables in a panic.
  • If you shoot Aranea from a distance, she will dodge the bullets, but will remain at a distance for a bit more, which will give you enough time to get Trigger-Happy ready.

Bonus information: Aranea’s natural aptitude for airborne combat helped her soar to new heights both literally and figuratively. Magitek lance in hand, she rose through the ranks just as easily as she rose through the air in combat, earning her the official title of “commodore” and the unofficial nickname of “dragoon”.

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  1. G

    I think this is a really good article, but simply put: this doesn’t work for me at all. I don’t know if it’s because I’m playing on Xbox One, but it feels totally different to how you described in the article

    In the first phase she seems to do nothing but that stupid air attack, which feels impossible to dodge as she seems to connect with that dropkick-type animation no matter what I do.
    She walks straight over the rock in the southern part of the map, and tends to do the air move anyway so it wouldn’t stop her even if she did get stuck behind it. On top of that, her lance reaches over it anyway.

    I have to agree that the other weapons on the map feel totally useless.

    Any tips for avoiding that damn aerial attack in the first phase? It feels totally impossible to avoid and does about 50% damage every time. I feel like all I have to do is survive long enough to get trigger happy enough to kill her, but as I’ve said a couple of times already, that aerial move in the first phase just doesn’t feel avoidable. Xbox glitch? I’ve already encouraged that about 50% of the time I can’t use a Phoenix down when I go down. Grey’s out the option although it says I have one, and definitely haven’t used it already

    1. G

      Follow up to my own message:

      If this article doesn’t work for you, the strategy I used was literally just roll and shoot with the pistol. Holding RB and mashing X. Backwards rolls almost always hit her. Don’t roll in the same direction constantly, change which way you roll, then she doesn’t follow through with the aerial attacks in the first phase. You should get crackshot a few times in the first phase. Use trigger happy when she runs at you for a move, every shot will hit.

      Same advice for the second phase, but when she goes for her big aerial take, keep rolling, and it won’t hit you.

    2. L

      I’ve managed to avoid her air attacks, by looking at her location at the mini map (once she is in the air). She does some weird sound when she’s about to land. So I just dodge toward her in an attempt to go behind her, or If I spot her a bit away from me, just dodge away from her. Keep on mind that once she lands, you can automatically lock camera toward her with a gun shot.

      Phoenix down can only be used once you are dead I guess. When the health bar is totally depleted, even that grey bar.

      During the first phase do you stay the furthest away from her, or you are close? Maybe if you are really far away she’ll always perform the air attack.

  2. T

    This is a coincidence! I played episode Prompto earlier today (heartbreaking) and breezed right through it. I defeated Aranea in three tries. You just have to spam trigger happy, and wait for her to land diagonally from her aerial attack in the first phase. Second phase was a bit harder with the AoE buff. The smg is useless against aranea imo. All I used was the handgun, Trigger happy, crack-shot, and the blade and dodge. Episode Prompto > Episode Gladious

    1. L

      When the next episode comes out, it will be Ignis>Prompto>Gladiolus 😀

  3. P
    Piere-Emdre Sire

    Hahahahaha defeated her sooooooo simply
    When she does her super airborne attack, right before she starts charging you press x, Prompto will roundhousekick her to the ground and just shoot her up to vulnerable for crackshot, I didn’t try to counter at 30% since pretty sure it won’t work, kept my trigger happy rdy and as soon as i saw vulnerable i went for it

  4. F

    The pistol can help track her in the air, lining up your crosshairs in advance to SMG on her final bounce. If you hit her at all, you get the counter animation, and pretty much guaranteed vulnerable. Starshell can help ignore a dive too. / .
    / .
    It’s possible to recover from danger status by fleeing a while. Sprint is allowed. This may not work well <30%. Using an item can help ignore a dive. / .
    / .
    Bait her dodges by firing at medium range. This helps fill gauge. Bait a proper trigger happy by letting her close in and become aggressive.

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