Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Rewards

The Reward List for Moogle Chocobo Carnival is a rather long one. All of the prizes that you buy from the Prize Counter vendors will be transferred to the main game the next time you load the save with the Carnival logo on it. Since there is a limit of 99 Choco-Mog Medallions, be sure to spend them before you reach the limit. This guide will show you a list of all FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Rewards, how much they cost.

Exlusive Moogle Chocobo Carnival Regalia Decal FFXV
Choco-Mog Regalia Decal

Choco-Mog Medallion Prize List

The list below shows the items you can buy at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. You can see their names, cost in Choco-Mog Medallions, how much gil you get for selling them and what they are used for. Talk to one of the three vendors at the Prize Counters to get three different reward lists.

NameCostsSells forUsed for
Sky Gemstone802 500Circular Saw upgrade
Spiked Armor402 300Absorb Shield upgrade
Coeurl Whiskers401 500Drain Lance upgrade
Earth Gemstone401 500Valiant upgrade
Hydraulic Cylinder401 600Gravity Well upgrade
Magnetron401 500Noiseblaster upgrade
Rare Coin301 000Expericast spell ingredient
Dynamo30900Bioblast upgrade
Monster Claw301 500Force Stealer upgrade
Mythril Shaft30900Quadcast spell ingredient
Beetle Shell20800Quadcast spell ingredient
Shattered Timepiece10500Dualcast spell ingredient
Broken Harmonica10600Stopcast spell ingredient
Splendid Building Stone10600Dualcast spell ingredient
Cactuar Needle550Freecast spell ingredient
Barbed Scythe5240Plunderers upgrade

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The most expensive item is the VIP Pass. It costs 99 Choco-Mog Medallions and grants the holder unlimited access to the best seat in the house. The same vendor also sells Mega Phoenix (99), Megalixir (70), Phoenix Down (20), Hi-Elixir (10), Elixir (6) and Mega-Potion (4).

Choco-Mog30An exclusive decal
Rare Ore4Prismatic, Gold and Silver
Ore Crystal3Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone, Yellowstone
Shard3Prismatic, Gold, Silver
Common Ore2Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone, Yellowstone
Dust2Prismatic, Gold, Silver
Shard1Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone, Yellowstone
Dragon’s Beard32 000 durability fishing line
Super Baleen21 500 durability fishing line
Fishing Stuff1Spider Silk, Stormer: Focalor, Stormer: Purple Belly Focalor
Zu Tender70durable cooking ingredient
Griffon Breast50cooking ingredient
Kujata Marrow50cooking ingredient
Midgardsormr Shank30cooking ingredient
Malmashroom10fungus cooking ingredient
Fine Cleigne Wheat10organic Cleigne cooking ingredient
Allural Shallot8cooking ingredient
Tenebrean Oak7wooden cooking ingredient
Kittier Ginger6cooking ingredient
Duscaen Orange5Duscae Fruit, cooking ingredient

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  1. A

    I can’t see why they bothered. It’s very pretty and mildly amusing, but there’s nothing here you can’t get from the base game, except for the 2 meals.
    Even then, only the one that strengthens the fishing line has practical use that can’t be found in the base game.
    The rod and reel fishing prizes are a 10% increase of the 1st in-game upgrade and far below the rest, especially the top gear. The rod for completing the in-game fishing quest has 290 attack. The carnival one has 110.
    The 2 lures don’t appear to have value. If you needed them to collect the rod and reel from specific fish in the carnival I could see the point, but no. I used Bahamut and Carbuncle lures and caught everything.
    After fishing, I had enough for the Leville suite and the chocomog decal. Everything else that can be traded for I have plenty of already.
    Today, I had another update, with the message that new events I may be interested in have been added. Where? How? I’m not crawling all over Altissia again to collect coins I don’t need.
    This just seems like a huge wasted opportunity to do something interesting.
    I just don’t get it.
    Was this deleted content that was supposed to be part of the original game, early on before Insomnia fell?
    Where’s the ROI for my time?

    1. N

      The carnival is great if you just started according to everything you just said, true that seems rather pointless from where you’re at, you seem to be done with the game from where you’re coming from. Not everyone completes games in 100 hours, we find stuff to do, this carnival is literally an entire section of junk for us to do.
      Yes it’s a large waste of time, at most the best thing you can do with the time wasted other than brag effect is max out your Mega-Items that you cannot normally buy.

      Also if you want to know why this carnival is even happening, It’s the Chinese New Year so I mean you’re going to get games that are culturally vast (like the FF series and SquareEnix as a whole) to have nods to those real life events. It’s a big time waster for people who wanted to waste time. Fun for those who like to have fun my man.

      ROI? The shirt they give you has a nice glitch’d effect if you stack up all the HP regen items and the Superior Restorative and it’s kinda rad if you needed to clear someone of the optional dungeons.

      (Free DLC comes with mostly all cosmetics and early game content that shouldn’t effect late game performance)
      (Also walk through the end of the game in chocomog attire for the lols)

    2. F

      The point of the lures is that you don’t lose them when you line breaks

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