Final Fantasy XV Moogle Creation Staff Discussion

Final Fantasy XV is right around the corner. Square Enix has been building excitement by revealing little bits of the game through demos, gameplay videos and trailers. One of the surprises is that developers confirmed Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. In the developer diary interviews, FFXV creators discuss the creation of Moogles.

Final Fantasy XV Moogle Creation Staff DiscussionMoogles have been a staple of Final Fantasy games ever since the third installment. Their role and design varied greatly from game to game, since they’ve run the gambit from simple cameos to playable characters. In any case, they have always been friends to the player. Whatever their looks and role, their adorable pom poms, tiny wings and love of Kupo Nuts have made them a fan favorite. Therefore, they demanded Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. The overwhelming demand made the team behind FFXV change their minds and include the beloved creatures. You can check out the creation process in the video below.

As the game’s director Hajime Tabata put it:
“We heard your voices calling for moogles. And although we weren’t going to have them in Final Fantasy XV, we have added them by popular demand. Is popular demand a good way to decide what goes in the game? At the time, it sparked a debate here. Personally, I think it’s a great way… It is the will of the people, and a homage to those who came before me.”
According to the developer diary interviews of moogle creators, the new moogles are designed to look like stuffed animals. They move completely through the physics engine. Their role is to distract the enemies from the party members. You’ll be able to fling them at the enemy, which will cause them to attack the moogles instead of you. In the words of overworld director Yasuyuki Matsunami:
“You throw the moogle out at enemies and they go after it—they really beat the heck out of it — but there’s something sweet about this little guy taking a licking to keep the bad guys at bay.”
So basically, these adorable little creatures serve to get savagely ripped apart to keep Noctis and the company safe. I wonder how many players will have it in them to do such a thing.

Final Fantasy XV comes out on November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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