FFXV Secret Dungeon Pitioss Walkthrough

Pitioss is a Final Fantasy XV secret dungeon. It is accessible with the Regalia Type-F flying car, and it can be difficult to locate.
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It will be accessible to you once you obtain the Regalia Type-F and get back to the open world exploring. In this guide, we’re going to show you FFXV Pitioss dungeon walkthrough, and help you reach the end of this platforming puzzle area and obtain Black hood, one of the best items in Final Fantasy XV. We have also prepared for you Final Fantasy 15 Secret Locations & Quests that can be reached only by chocobos!

How to enter Pitioss Secret Dungeon

Take off from the Verinas Mart outpost that is near the volcano in Ravatogh. If you look closely to the north of the map, you will see a small landing site, marked with a yellow strip. Go there and head up the path and soon you will find the entrance. If you are having problems locating it, see how to reach Pitioss secret dungeon in our guide, or check out our full video below.

Pitioss entrance

When you find the entrance to the dungeon, jump over the fence and push the button on the wall so you can lower the elevator. Note that Noctis won’t be followed inside by his 3 friends, so you will find yourself alone in the dark.Pass the spikes and head to the room with a big ball. Go right, and once the wall goes back, head through the passage. Go across the small pit and jump over 2 ledges. Head up and destroy the first red head. They won’t deal damage, but red heads unlock shortcuts through the dungeon. Continue right and then climb over to the left side. Make a big jump to a pillar, and from there jump to another red head. Jump right and, from there, jump on the narrow ledge, and onto the metal bars. Press the white button and the elevator will go up. You will see the red head from before. Destroy it, jump back over the pillar, and then slide down so you activate next white circle. Go further down and there will be one more. The ball will fall.Go back up the stairs and across the moving platform and turn right. Jump left, go below the red spikes and head left. Pass two more red spikes and jump onto the head of the statue. Jump on the ball, press the red button and there will be an animation where the ball slams the head of the another statue. Pass the head and go right. You will see a stone arm, so go across and press the red button. The ball will fall once more and now you will officially be inside the dungeon.

Inside the Pittios dungeon

Go inside the room, jump on the path and pass the spinning spikes to the left. Press the white switch on the wall. The room will start rotating and you should go stand in the passage, on the metal plate. From there, make a drop when you see the next red circle. After the drop, jump over the pillars and across the metal bars, then go to the statue. You will see the big room with a red circle. A door will drop. Go up the stairs, and jump across the ledges to the now open doors.Jump over the spikes and onto the moving wall behind. Jump across the spikes again, and onto the next safe moving wall. Go back across and you will find a red circular button. Press it and the next door will open. In the next room, move through the spikes and, when you reach the upper level, jump on them to go back. From the golden doors, jump left to the ledges and then head right across to the next gold doors. Pass the first moving circle, but jump into the next one, and then jump out fast to the outside of the circle. Jump along the way, and slide down to the next red circle.Go straight to the next room with the fallen golden doors. Wait until the platform starts moving and then go through the spike room. Wait for the next platform, then go to the upper left corner and wait. You will drop down. Head up along the way, and from the moving platform jump in front of the spiked wall. Jump on the platform and wait until you see the stairs. Go left above the spikes, continue along the jumping path and head up. Go between the spikes and jump onto the red circle. Jump out of the spikes and head to the fallen golden door.

Giant skull spiked wall

You will be in the room with golden doors and one door will rotate. Jump on it and then jump quickly onto the left ledge. Then, jump on it again as soon as you can, and you will be in the next room. A giant skull will go towards you. Just stand your ground. Go left and jump along the way to the middle of the arena. Make sure you are below the moving skull-and-spikes wall. Wait for the wall to pass, and then go quickly to the metal bars and ride on them until you reach the next wall. Jump along the way to the platform below. Wait for the spiked wall to pass on the left, and go up and inside.

Go up and walk out, go to the edge, then jump on the moving wall ledge, and pass to the other side. Go up and down the set of stairs, jump over the gap and destroy the red head. Go back and wait to enter the moving wall again. You can jump back onto the higher ledge when you get to the top. Go outside and up the stairs. Jump over to solid ground, but go a bit forward and go back inside the moving wall.You will be on the top of the moving wall. Drop down to the skull and jump to the 45-degree wall. Head onward and keep jumping down until you see the red head and destroy it. Go up and jump on top of the blue cage and jump on the stairs on the left. Go on the metal ledge and, at the end, jump on to the next set of stairs. Go up to the metal ledge, drop down and jump your way across them to reach the top. Fall down from the highest point, when the giant skull spiked wall is below you, and quickly enter the passage. From there, jump on to the next red button.

Gravity field

Go down, head left and make two big jumps until you find yourself in the narrow hallway. From there, make a big drop to the distorted blocks. Head on right until you see the rocks above you. Go to the end and jump on the metal grates. From there, jump onto the stone wall, head on until you see another metal grate, and jump next to them on the stone wall. Drop on the other side of the grates. Jump to the left side from the metal ledge and drop down. Head up inside the narrow passage.

2D Final Fantasy

Drop down and go inside the second wheel and jump out of it to reach the high ledge. Wait for the block to lower down and head left. Jump on top of the wheel and go across, pass the third wheel. Wait for the wall to retract and drop down. Keep going down, then head left and jump over some obstacles. Go inside the passage.

Maiden room

Head right, drop down and head inside. Go up and jump over the big gap. Continue forward until you can head back up. Jump over the gap so you’ll get to the left side of the dungeon. Slide down on the next block and go into the hallway. Go up the path, turn around and continue going to the higher ground. Make a jump and head down. Jump on her breasts. Go along her right arm (the one on your left). From the metal grate, fall down and slide into the next section.The elevator will go up. Head to the statue and, from there, head down onto metal grates. Make your way across them and, from the top, jump onto the statue’s head and go on his back. Jump on left and then up. Turn around and jump onto the metal grates. Go up, pass the narrow passage, onto the stairs and you will see golden doors. Jump onto the white circle.

Pitioss finale

You will find yourself in the main room with golden doors. Jump to the right and head right again. Make some jumps, head up and pass the spikes in the middle. You will be above the room. Jump left and head down and kill the red head and unlock the shortcut in case you fall down. Go a bit back and jump on the top of the pillars and onto the crooked wall. Go up and jump across the other pillars again. Head down and destroy the red head. Go up the stairs, jump over the spikes and on the right side go between the spikes and jump on the stones. From there, fall onto the moving platform and, at its highest point, jump over to the next stone. From that moving platform, step on to the narrow ledge and jump onto the white circle.Jump over to the left open doors. Make two jumps on the right side and press the button to open the doors. Go to the metal that is sticking out of the stairs. Climb onto it and jump to the doors, then onto the next metal. There will be a very tricky jump to the right metal piece. From there, jump onto the pillars and then onto the last white circle. Jump on the top of the new open doors, head right, and pass the narrow ledge and left onto the elevator.

Black Hood

Along the way you will find many treasures, including Rare coins, Insulated inners, Oracle Ascension Coins and, up there, you will pick up one of the best items in the game, the Black Hood. Black Hood is an accessory exclusively for Noctis. The wearer automatically evades attacks. Congratulations, you just finished the trickiest dungeon in Final Fantasy XV!




  1. K

    Don’t forget to save afterwards cause the game won’t save for you. I learned that the hard way, had restart all over again.

    1. P

      I read this comment and still forgot to save….crashed the Regalia trying to land………I’m so pissed right now……oh well time to do EVERYTHING again.

      1. D

        Hey can i join the club? Spent 7 hours figuring it out and tried to fly back and crashed…Lost my progress

        1. J

          I had just started the finale and fell and it placed me at the start (the ball room) and i fell before i could open the shortcut

          1. D

            How you got to were you were? Same thing has happened to me

        2. Guys, please try to find the shortcut back to the top. Those red heads that we destroyed along the way were unlocking shortcuts. We also fell a couple of times, but there is a relatively quick way to get back up. Make sure to search on the floor for the red blocks, cause that were the places that had red heads. It is hard, but don’t give up, because that is almost the end of the dungeon. And better to spend 10 minutes looking for a way up, then to go through the whole dungeon again.

          1. T

            I got to the dungeon entrance and even started the bonus quest (hidden in lestallum) but i cant seem to enter the dungeon even tho i beat the game or i wouldnt have been able to get to the dungeon entrance, is my game just bugged?

        3. J

          the same exact thing happened to me

      2. K

        Read this comment then immediately opened the pause menu and my game crashed. FML

  2. D

    Does anyone know an estimated time that this dungeon takes?

    1. T

      I’ve been in it for nearly 4 hours now and only just now resorted to this guide. So maybe a couple with the guide?

    2. N

      If you good maybe 2 hour, if you dont maybe 5-6 hour

    3. P

      Don’t know how long it took me I wanna say 2-3+ hours, just know that it’ll take a good while and you will fall….a lot.

    4. G

      If you use a guide and are decent at placing jumps/general careful as fuck movement, maybe an hour and a half on the low side. I didn’t use a guide until after you jump on the lady statues chest because the thing you’re supposed to fall on from the platform at her hands is literally invisible from where you fall. I’m also not great at the careful movement. Took me 3 hours.

    5. L

      Took me 6 hrs maybe. Totally frustrating sometimes. You gotta be precise with jumping. The walk button is your friend. I just finished this a few hours ago. I saved immediately lol. 9 game days passed. Hahaha ha the guys had to be pissed waiting on Noct 😉

      1. T
        the_man 1015

        I forgot there was a walk button!! Damn that would have been useful!!

  3. L

    Genji glove and Black hood. that ‘re all you need.

  4. F

    Guys, there is a side quest lv 60 near This dungeon, has anyone found the treasure the mission requires yet? I got the mission from overhearing a conversation in Lestallum, I couldn’t find anything about it online, I only know the name of the mission in Portuguese which is “ladrões do passado”, like Thieves from the past or something of the sort in a direct translation

    1. T

      Dunno if you found it yet, but I got that quest too.
      There was a small box sitting in the corner (when you drop down back outside after you finish).

      When you get to the dungeon’s building: After you head up the stairs and jump across the gap.
      It was somewhere between there and the elevator, sitting in a corner on the ground right next to the building.

  5. C

    Fernando, the treasure chest for that side quest is in a corner on the right side of the main gate before you jump through it and activate the elevator

  6. L
    Lil Noct

    Perhaps this page should warn players that once you start this dungeon, there is no way to exit until the dungeon is complete. Not being able to return to the entrance when I decided that perhaps I should attempt the dungeon another day was more than mildly upsetting. Every other dungeon but this one seems to have a “return to entrance” function so I expected that here as well. Had I known beforehand that I couldn’t just leave, I would have tried this dungeon at a better time (ie not an hour before work lol).

  7. B
    brock cryax

    Not sure it been said yet but instead of flying out two the car to avoid starting all over.

    1. B
      brock cryax

      Er auto correct tow the car to avoid having to restart from the beginning

  8. J

    I just started the finale but I fell!! Now I am back from the start!! Help please..

  9. A

    I have arrived in front of the entrance but there is no button option at all

    1. J

      The room only opens at night. I think on the 20th hour.

  10. B

    You know you could just tow back your regalia to hammerhead just by paying cindy 100 gil, just finished my pitios and got back to hammerhead safely without taking off

    1. R

      Or manually save upon exiting.

  11. P

    best part was jumping on the baps

  12. R

    1. I’m 99% certain there in no gravity manipulation in your so called “gravity field”. It’s all (brilliant) Escher-esque optical illusions based on 45 degree angles and perspective tricks. The crazy jumps aren’t so crazy, they just look that way based on the relative size and position of platforms. That’s not to say this dungeon isn’t a genius work of art, even if it fools you using psych 101.

    2. Why are people so concerned about losing their progress after they complete the dungeon?!? Just save MANUALLY once you get outside, then fly out if you want. I don’t get it.

    3. I split this dungeon over 2 days using my PS4’s power save mode. Worked great for me!

    4. FFFF the jump from the devil’s back onto that tinyass beam in the middle of the abyss. You know the jump I’m talking g about. I almost lost my mind! Took me over 7 hours because of this jump!!!

  13. T

    After about six hours, I decided that my sanity wasn’t worth the Hood accessory. It was a horrible experience, truly horrible. I came close, so very close, got the Genji Gloves, after almost five hours, but I just lost heart as I then spent an hour trying to make one jump, exactly the one Ryan above me mentions. An hour of trying to get there, and then failing the jump, or making it and then slipping off the beam. I know, so close to the finish, but I had enough. There is a way to get out of the dungeon at that point, not sure if I’ll be able to get back to that point without having to do it all again. And I doubt I’ll ever want to do that. Absolutely horrible dungeon.

  14. J

    Just about on the last couple of pillar jumps now. No sign of the black hood yet? Someone please confirm this is a dungeon-end reward and not a random collectible I missed.

    This damned dungeon has took me near 7 hours so far and has caused no end of stress and near-destruction of my controller. Boob-drop was fun and annoying, took me a long time before I tried that. Wall of death has probably been my favourite puzzle though just for the sheer horror it caused when I first saw it.

    1. J

      Finished…Been 9 days since last camp and game clock had gone from 113 to 125 hours. Jesus… Did forget to grab the gengi gloves off the maidens midriff so may well have to re run it :/

  15. A

    I finished this fucking dungeon after 4 hours and i forgot fucking save fuuuuuck.

  16. A
    Avid Thor

    Really I’ve read the directions and sometimes they’re confusing especially when the pictures given don’t give a clue either

  17. Z

    Even after you get the finish and get the black hood. There are 2 red face doors right before the entrance to the big rotating ball that remain incomplete. Does anyone know how to finish or get to them? Driving me nuts!

  18. H

    Finished it, took me around 6-7 hours i think. Been dying a lot plus frustrations rises when i cannot get the f*cking jump perfect. This dungeon will bring out the rage in you, i kid you not. Got the blackhood and genji gloves tho. But same question with zombie, at the start with the giant arm on the door, there are two red stones that i can’t access. Maybe i will try it again later.

  19. S
    Sergio Wiguna

    this place is hell. took me 8 hours. so tired.

  20. C

    Not even an achievement for this shit. fuckn dungeon took me 4 hours with a video guide.

  21. A
    Annastazia Lucis Caelum

    I’m at the part near the end where you have to jump onto the metal beams on the pillar in the main room with all yhe gold doors… where and how am I supposed to jump to hit that last white button on top of the pillar??? I’ve been at this for 5 hours now….

    1. A
      Annastazia Lucis Caelum

      Tell me why, after two hours of trying to hit that last button, my cousin tries it five or so times and gets it in 10 minutes….. the hell….

  22. K

    I think you missed a step between “Wait for the spiked wall to pass on the left” and “go up and inside” (after you ride the metal bars under the spiked skull wall). When the bars take you to the other side, you don’t have an option of going anywhere but back with the wall or across (with the skull wall to the left) and that leads to an L platform yhat sticks out, jump from that to yue other wall, then… only option from there in the given timing of the skull wall is a isolated “island” platform, or back the way you came asap so you don’t get spiked. There is no option for going up and inside, and there is nothing accessible from the only lower platform after riding the metal bars of the skull wall.

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