Final Fantasy 15 Ulric's Kukris Location - How to spawn Psychomancer

Ulric’s Kukris are a weapon in Final Fantasy XV. They’re a set of light blades that used to belong to Nyx, the protagonist of the Kingsglaive movie.
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They do a decent amount of damage and provide bonuses to every single stat. In order to get them, you’ll have to revisit an area you probably wouldn’t go to again. They’re guarded by a might foe, so expect a long and arduous battle. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Ulric’s Kukris in Final Fantasy 15, what they look like and their stats.

How to spawn Psychomancer in FF 15

The daggers can be found in Insomnia, and they’re guarded by a lvl 85 Psychomancer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Insomnia. If you’ve already left, you can use Umbra’s powers to get back there.
  2. Fight the Ifrit.
  3. Go to the elevator after the boss fight and ride it. Ride it back down.
  4. Go back to the boss arena and kill the Red Giants there.
  5. Keep going back until you find the Psychomancer. He should be at the spot where you spawn at the start of the area. If he isn’t, keep running around Insomnia, killing stuff across both sides of the city, periodically checking to see if he’s appeared.
  6. Defeat him, and you’ll get the daggers.

The Psychomancer is vulnerable to lightning, so it wouldn’t hurt to prepare some thunder spells. He’s also weak to greatswords, so you should equip both Gladiolus and Noctis with them. He has an insane amount of health, so it’s going to take a while. Make sure you save your progress before engaging him.

Ulfric’s Kukris in Final Fantasy 15

Description: A pair of blades wielded by a hero who fought for the future of his homeland. One was forged in the Crown City, and the other in Galahd.

  • Health +282
  • MP +24
  • Strength +8
  • Vitality +15
  • Magic +48
  • Spirit +20
  • Fire resistance +5%
  • Ice resistance +7%
  • Lightning resistance +4%
  • Dark resistance +19%
  • Shot resistance +21%

These daggers aren’t the strongest in terms of raw damage output, but they do provide good protection. They’ve also got emotional value, at least for those who’ve watched the prequel movie.




  1. S

    So for some reason I can’t get Psychomancer to spawn, I’ve killed Ifrit, rode the elevator, came back and went to the start, and he wasn’t there. I roamed and killed a lot and came back many times, but nothing.
    Did I mess up or something? Kinda sucks that such a weapon requires such specificness to get.

    1. We’ve had the same problem. Have you tried going back to the area where was Ifrit, and then to Psychomancer’s location again?

    2. L

      Try go back to the left part of the map and kills 3 black flans there then go back to the spot

    3. H

      Sometimes things bug out and you need to defeat every enemy you can see. The two red giants, the three flan enemies, the soldiers and gigantic imp-like creates in that underground area, the spider lady, and finally the Deathclaw-like Iseultalon enemy in the first room. Going up the elevator does a ‘reset’ causing all the mobs to respawn.

      If you go through the chapter and defeat every enemy you see the first time (flans, soldiers, etc) and don’t run away from anybody, then when you do the elevator and kill the red giants, that should be enough to make the Psychomancer spawn. Gotta kill everything at least once..

      1. C

        So you do have to kill the Iseultalon? If so what’s the best way?

  2. C
    Cloud strife

    I think you have to of killed all the different enemies at least once including black flans and he should spawn, worked for me

  3. Q
    Qator Bashtar

    You need to kill Iseultalon for the Psychomancer to spawn after you’ve done everything else. That’s the only thing because the area it’s in overlaps.

    1. V

      I can confirm that this made him spawn for me. Also, my psychomancer was resistant to lightning, not vulnerable. He was weak to ice instead. I don’t know if this was simply reported wrong or if it can be different.

  4. K

    I already killed the psychomancer spawn but I didn’t get the Weapon’s drop, i got hi-elixir instead.

    I kill all the enemies in the area all of it, until the psychomancer spawn, but after I defeated it no weapon drop. Is anyone have this kind of problem?

    1. S

      You don’t get the weapon automatically. I had to pick it off of the ground where the psychomancer died. Hope this helps!

    2. B

      The weapon doesn’t drop like the usual drops do, it drops as a blue item spot on the exact place the psychomancer dies

      1. M

        i already kill the psychomancer, but it drops nothing

  5. B

    Did this just now after an hour or so of trying and found the only different thing I did was kill the two red giants outside the citadel. Killed everyone else multiple times thinking these two didn’t matter and when I did I got a different/new conversation from the group and when I went back to the area where the ‘mancer should be, it was there.

    And just to make it a little clearer, I has run from everything and went back up the elevator to sort of “reset” the situation, this includes the completely pain in the ass daemon that is usually in the area the ‘mancer is in. So -for me at least- the idea that you need to clear him because it’s in the same area doesn’t check out.

  6. D

    You say you can return to Insomnia using Umbra, do I simply go back to Lucis and redo the Cure for Insomnia mission? Is that how to go back for the Kukris?

  7. A

    this is how it worked with me
    1.i killed Ifrit i went in the building i got near the elevator door then turned back to where i fought ifrit
    2. fight two Red Giants there
    3. go back to where the entrence to the subway fight the three flans
    4.go back to the first place on your way fight the spider lady thing only dont fight any other monster he should be there

  8. S

    I went up and down the stairs, fought the 2 red giants, killed EVERYTHING 4 times. Nothing. Left to the past, came back. Killed ONLY the level 72 daemon. Went back the citidel. Entered so it loaded the map but did not enter into a fight with red giants again. Exited. Fought the 3 black flan. Went back to where the level 72 daemon was. Again I killed NOTHING after the black flan. Magically the level 72 daemon was not there (he had kept respawning over and over even when I had killed everything else). Ran past his spawn point to where the psychomancer spawns and viola there he was (PS the item is a small blue orb after the fight. You don’t auto get it)

    1. S

      Sorry I meant elevator not stairs

  9. K

    I did everything in order, but when I leave the tunnel, Spider Lady isn’t there. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? In this order, I’ve went up and down the elevator, killed the Red Giants, killed the Black Flans, and killed the enemies in the tunnels. If I have to update my game, then I’m sol.

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