Final Fantasy XV Road to Release Odeon Cinemas

Odeon Cinemas is hosting the Road to Release event for Final Fantasy XV in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They will be showing a 1 hour long livestream of Final Fantasy XV and those who attend will also be able to watch the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie. This event will take place in selected Odeon theaters, so make sure that you check out their schedule on Odeon’s website.

Final Fantasy XV Road to Release Odeon CinemasEveryone who purchases a ticket will also receive a goodie bag, which will grant access to interviews and an exclusive introduction from director Takeshi Nozue. Takeshi Nozue has been a video game movie director throughout the Final Fantasy series. He has also worked on other Square Enix titles, like the Kingdom Hearts series.Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV is a great movie, and the story takes place in the same universe as the game. It should definitely prepare you for the main story elements in the game, once it is released.

The livestream will feature brand new Final Fantasy XV gameplay, and hopefully we will be able to see some brand new features and some exclusive details in the gameplay.For those of you that don’t know, Final Fantasy XV is long-awaited third-person action roleplaying game set in a huge open world. You will be playing as young Noctis, heir to the throne, that will set off on a great adventure with his close friends.

The game started development in 2006, which is a really long period, but most certainly we can hope for a great game upon release.Final Fantasy XV will be available on the 29th of November for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Let us know in the comment section: what are your impressions about Final Fantasy XV and will you be visiting Odeon Cinema for the livestream and Kingsglaive?

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