Hunt Quest Locations & Rewards | Final Fantasy XV

Hunt quests in Final Fantasy XV will give you great rewards. You can find them at restaurant proprietors, and when you complete them, you will be awarded with Gil and other prizes.
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Kill the targets and report back to vendors to claim your bounty. For the first hunt, you will unlock the My First Hunt trophy.This guide will show you hunt quest locations and rewards in Final Fantasy XV. As you complete hunts, you will also earn Stars and learn how to increase your hunter rank. More challenging hunts will become available at higher ranks.

Leide Hunt Quests

Hammerhead Outpost should be your first safe zone in the game. Gas station is the central part of the hub. From there, go left, and you will see a Diner. Go inside the Diner and speak with the bartender. While talking to him, choose the Hunt option.
Howling Wind of Hunger2HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (All times)740 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Varmints of the Wastelands5HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (Daytime)980 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Gorgers in the Dust7HammerheadOstium Gorge (All times)1 570 gil, Iron Bangle1
Raindrops in the Night15HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (Nighttime)2 390 gil, Megalixir2
Wild Beauties22HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (Daytime)3 350 gil, Megaelixir2
Bounty-Hunted Beauties28HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (Daytime)4 220 gil, Megaelixir2
Rookie Hunter Tragedy39HammerheadThe Weaverwilds (All Times)7 330 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Pride of the King47HammerheadKeycatrich Ruins (All Times)10 020 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Serpent of the Abyss58HammerheadCrestholm Channels (All Times)16 560 gil, Ruby Bracelet4
Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe99HammerheadLongwythe Peak (All Times)50 000 gil, Adamantite Bangle5
Mineside Mischief Makers7Longwythe Rest AreaThe Callaegh Steps (Nighttime)1 740 gil, Hi-Elixir1
The Hunter-Slaying Herd8Longwythe Rest AreaLongwythe Peak (Daytime)1 830 gil, Hi-Elixir1
Squish the Squirmers14Longwythe Rest AreaLongwythe Peak (Nighttime)2 280 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Cranky Crustaceans18Longwythe Rest AreaLongwythe Peak (Alltimes)3 160 gil, Megalixir2
Sting in the Tail25Longwythe Rest AreaLongwythe Peak (All Times)3 720 gil, Megalixir2
Beast over Brawn27Longwythe Rest AreaThe Weaverwilds (All Times)4 010 gil, Megalixir2
In the Drylands, It Rains Spines40Longwythe Rest AreaLongwythe Peak (Daytime)7 550 gil, Rainbow Pendant3
A Fistful of Gil61Longwythe Rest AreaThe Three Valleys (Nighttime)17 450 gil, Anti-darkness Inners4
Peace to the Beach11Galdin QuayVannath Coast (All Times)1 950 gil, Hi-Elixir2
The Gourmands of Vannath17Galdin QuayVannath Coast (All Times)3 040 gil, Megalixir2
Stealers of Lives17Galdin QuayVannath Coast (Nighttime)3 070 gil, Fencer’s Anklet2
Footfalls in the Dark20Galdin QuayVannath Coast (Nighttime)3 250 gil, Megalixir2
A Nightmare Came by Ferry28Galdin QuayVannath Coast (All Times)4 250 gil, Carbon Bangle2
Go to the restaurant proprietor and you will have three options to choose from when you approach him. Talk with him for the first time so he will reveal all the points of interests on the map that are near your location. The second option will offer you to eat. In that menu you can choose which dish you want to buy. The last option is the Hunt. Select the desired quest from the list and join the hunt. You will get the Hunt Commenced notification.

When you take on the quest from the restaurant proprietor, go to the destination that is shown on the map. When you kill all the creatures needed to finish the quest, report back to the tipster. When you speak to him, the Hunt will be completed and you will receive the rewards from the Bounty.

Duscae Hunting Quests List

Galloping Garulas12Coernix Station – AlstorAlstor Slough2 010 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Beasts Wallow in the Wetlands14Coernix Station – AlstorAlstor Slough2 330 gil, Warrior’s Anklet2
Untamed Wild Horses25Coernix Station – AlstorAlstor Slough3 870 gil, Megalixir2
Reign Triumphant32Coernix Station – AlstorAlstor Slough5 280 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Rogues of Rydielle Ley35Coernix Station – AlstorRydielle Ley5 280 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Marsh Madness! the Giant Awakens38Coernix Station – AlstorAlstor Slough6 560 gil, Blue Choker3
Red in Tooth and Claw12Wiz Chocobo PostThe Malacchi Hills2 140 gil, Hi-Elixir2
A Behemoth Undertaking15Wiz Chocobo PostThe Nebulawood3 020 gil, Amethyst Bracelet2
Exorcism of the Nebulawood19Wiz Chocobo PostThe Nebulawood3 190 gil, Moon Pendant2
Thunder in Them Thar Hills21Wiz Chocobo PostThe Malacchi Hills3 330 gil, Megalixir2
A Most Behemoth Undertaking62Wiz Chocobo PostThe Nebulawood19 540 gil, Gold Bangle4
Hammer the Cannibals38Cauthess Rest AreaKettier Highland 6 910 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Things from the Past41Cauthess Rest AreaThe Fallgrove8 080 gil, Rune Earring3
Baby Snatchers44Cauthess Rest AreaSaxham Outpost8 890 gil, Mega Phoenix3
A Daemonic Orchestra52Cauthess Rest AreaKelbass Grasslands14 800 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Cruel Giants of Duscae65Cauthess Rest AreaKettler Highland23 730 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Fiend of the Fallgrove66Cauthess Rest AreaCostlemark Tower24 020 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Devils Cry Curses72Cauthess Rest AreaThe Mencemoor35 940 gil, Black Choker5
Horned Hunting Hazards23Taelpar Rest AreaSecullam Pass3 480 gil, Megalixir2
Hunters of Secullam Pass34Taelpar Rest AreaSecullam Pass5 600 gil, Earth Pendant3
Reclaiming Schier Heights37Taelpar Rest AreaSchier Pass6 220 gil, Mega Phoenix3
A Roaring in the Night37Taelpar Rest AreaSchier Pass6 310 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Old Denizens of the Woods63Taelpar Rest AreaThommels Glade22 540 gil, Fire Crest4
Avenge the Anglers24Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Callatein’s Plunge3 660 gil, Megalixir2
Ruler of the Brave Skies30Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Kelbass Grasslands4 935 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Off with Their Heads!31Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Kelbass Grasslands5 070 gil, Lighting Crest3
Disquieted Queens38Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Coernix Bypass6 850 gil, Mega Phoenix3
The Web-Weaving Princesses41Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Greyshire Grotto7 950 gil,3
In a Heat Haze of Glory52Lestallum (Tostwell Grill)Lestallum Power Plant14 490 gil, Silver Bangle4
Secure the Mountain Pass12Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Pallareth Pass2 270 gil, Hi-Elixir2
Cool Callatein Mist22Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Callatein’s Plunge3 380 gil, Megalixir2
To Sting in Anger22Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Coernix Bypass3 390 gil, Green Choker2
Help Needed in EXINERIS24Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Lestallum Power Plant3 540 gil, Megalixir2
To Catch a Frog27Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Pallareth Pass4 070 gil, Megalixir2
Long Necks on the Plains28Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands4 480 gil, Megalixir2
They Came Back from the Mountain30Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Coernix Bypass4 890 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Rainstorm Duel! Poison Frog of Wenneth32Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Upper Wennath5 350 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Acquit Not Evil38Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Upper Wennath6 650 gil, Knight’s Anklet3
No Stopping the Great Stink38Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands6 780 gil, Golden Hourglass3
Trembling Killers57Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands16 480 gil, Safety Bit4
An Omen Crawls Upon the Ground68Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands26 840 gil, Red Choker4
Bones Seek an Offering72Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands33 790gil, Dark Crest5
Dead General Strikes Down the King99Lestallum (Surgate’s Beanmine)Kelbass Grasslands42 000 gil, Ribbon5

Cleigne Hunting Quests List

Voltage Fluctuation29Meldacio Hunter HQPallareth Pass4 650 gil, Megalixir2
Threat from the Thicket33Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool5 550 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Softy Now, Mighty Foes35Meldacio Hunter HQSteyliff Grove6 060 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Mission: Invincible38Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool7 020 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Divine Best of the Underworld38Meldacio Hunter HQSteyliff Grove7 110 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Hunter HQ Line of Defense42Meldacio Hunter HQRisorath Basin8 660 gil, Ice Crest3
Lovable Little Gluttons44Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool8 980 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Felling the Mad, Old Trees46Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool9 990 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Serpent of Risorath Basin54Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool15 690 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Breeding Season: Hen Extermination62Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool21 120 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Breeding Season: Rooster Extermination70Meldacio Hunter HQRisorath Basin30 320 gil, Mega Phoenix5
People-Eating Snake Has Got to Go78Meldacio Hunter HQThe Vesperpool36 070 gil, Mega Phoenix5
A Wall in Our Way84Meldacio Hunter HQSteyliff Grove38 000 gil, Emerald Bracelet5
The Last Spiracorns29Old LestallumLower Wennath4 610 gil, Megalixir2
Shear Force34Old LestallumLower Wennath5 730 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Blobs Ashore35Old LestallumMalmalam Thicket5 920 gil, Titanium Bangle3
Herald from the Depths40Old LestallumLeirity Seaside7 730 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Starving Beast Seeks Food47Old LestallumLower Wennath11 790 Mega Phoenix3
Malmalam Mirage51Old LestallumMalmalam Thicket13 500 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Scrap It Now!61Old LestallumCoernix Bypass18 330 gil, Mega Phoenix4
Rulers of the Banks62Old LestallumThe Maidenwater20 550 gil, Towel4
Deadly Extermination37Verinas Mart – RavatoghRavatoghan Trail6 440 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Verinas Mart Under Threat38Verinas Mart – RavatoghRavatoghan Trail7 290 gil, Sapphire Bracelet3
Red Lighting of Ravatogh44Verinas Mart – RavatoghRavatoghan Trail9 140 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Pointless Pins in the Volcano47Verinas Mart – RavatoghRavatoghan Trail12 090 gil, Mega Phoenix3
Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke67Verinas Mart – RavatoghThe Rock of Ravatogh25 300 gil, Champion’s Anklet4

Altissia Hunting Quests List

Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters173 130 gil, Megalixir2
A Nightmare Upon the Water203 280 gil, Megalixir2
Ill Weeds Grow in the Night223 450 gil, Megalixir2
Back Alley Spook263 990 gil, Heliodor Bracelet2
The Case of the Disappearing Hunters294 740 gil, Red Choker2
Will-o’-the-Wisps out on the Town315 120 gil, Black Choker3
A Lost Painting325 480 gil, Handkerchief3
Tourists Fade into the Night356 140 gil, Adamantite Bangle3
The Tragic Facts418 360 gil, Amethyst Bracelet3
King of the Great Escape5013 190 gil, Diamond Bracelet4