Tiromatto Shooting Game and Carnival Chocobo Races Shown in the Newest FFXV Trailer

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is almost on our doorsteps. Take a peek at the newest Carnival showcase in the trailer. Keep in mind that Cid and Ignis are not there to help us enter the city this time. Altissia is calling, are you going to answer?

At the start of the trailer, we can see Noctis arriving in Altissia. He seems genuinely surprised by the new scenery. He quickly accepts the festivities as he walks around in the Choco-Mog Tee. This is a t-shirt with a moogle and a chocobo on it, and it’s available at the carnival.

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The town looks truly mesmerizing, even more so with the carnival scenery. The strong presence of yellow colors and the large number of banners will for sure make us take some gondola driving sessions.

One of the places you should visit is the Square Enix Cafe. There are two new carnival-themed recipes. The moogle-themed dish is called Kupoberry Cheesecake. It is a level 5 refreshment that offers decrease in damage to your fishing line by 25%. Let’s hope we can learn the cooking recipe once we eat it.

Games at Moogle Chocobo Carnival

What is a carnival without the games? In the brief trailer video for this carnival, we can spot some of the games.

Tiromatto Moogle Chocobo Carnival January Update FFXV
Tiramotto arena gates

One of them is Tiromatto – an aim-and-shoot game. It takes place in the Arena Galviano Colosseum. The same arena where you could previously play another mini game called Totomostro. It is unknown if you can still do it, or if the Carnival takes place in a totally new setting, different from the original Altissia.

Tiromatto is your typical carnival shooting game. It is all about the aiming and taking down the different cardboard monsters. There is a set goal to be achieved. You have to complete it in a short period of time. Different cardboard monsters award different points. If you want to reach the set goal, you’ll have to carefully choose your approach.

The second game we’ve seen is the Chocobo Race. Since Noctis is without his close friends, instead of racing against them, he’ll need to beat the timer. In the main game, you could also find pears somewhere on the race track. These pears change the Chocobo’s color. Can we see something similar to that here as well?

Moogle Carnival Final Fantasy XV
Dance off with the Moogle.

The camera feature is also shown in the trailer. We can now finally see Noctis taking pictures whenever he wants. The new camera feature might bring a new photo mode as well… Does that mean we can take selfies now?

At the very end, there are some brief moments where we can spot Noctis fishing, and catching balloons around Altissia. Whether these are some kind of the carnival games or not, we’ll have to wait until January 24, when the Carnival opens, to find out.

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