FFXV Ulwaat Berries Location

Ulwaat berries are a rare ingredient in Final Fantasy XV. They’re originally from Tenebrae, so they don’t really grow on every corner in Lucis.
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Coctura, the cook at the Galdin Quay restaurant will ask you to get some for her in the Berried Memories quest. They can be a pain to find, so we’re going to try and help. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Final Fantasy XV Ulwaat Berries locations, to help you finish the cook’s quest and get your rewards.

ffxv ulwaat berries locations

Final Fantasy XV Ulwaat Berries

UPDATE: You’ll only be able to solve this once you reach the Brave New World quest. Go to the house near the lighthouse by the Cape Caem outpost in the south. Talk to Iris – she’ll be on the porch. Choose the option to tend the garden, and she’ll give you some seeds. Plant them and leave, then return a day later.

You’ll get 5 Caem Carrots from your harvest. As soon as you pick them, Tony, a fancy restaurant owner will appear. He’ll offer you stuff in exchange for the carrots. He’ll offer some weapons, car parts and most importantly, ulwaat berries. Don’t worry – you can plant them again, so just pick the berries.

Once he gives them to you, return to Coctura and hand them over. She’ll thank you, and you’ll receive:
  • 5000 EXP each
  • 3000 gil
  • Leiden Sweet Potato x1
  • Fine Cleigne Wheat x1
  • Ulwaat Berries x1
She’ll make an amazing treat using the berries, but you’ll have to pay 12,000 gil if you want to try it, or learn the cooking recipe yourself.

ORIGINAL TEXT: When you return to Galdin Quay sometime after your first visit, you’ll probably talk to the cook. She has some interesting recipes to share, but they’re somewhat pricey. When you do, she’ll tell you she needs a special ingredient for a treat she was planning to make, to honor a big event.

Since she knows you and your friends are quite resourceful, she’ll ask you to obtain it for her. If you do, she’ll share the new secret recipe she needs the fruits for. So you won’t just be getting the usual experience and gil rewards, but also a fun new cooking recipe.

Check your invetory first – you might’ve picked some while you were exploring! If not, this is where the trouble starts. The quest marker leads to a place that doesn’t really have any Ulwaat berries.