Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo & Bonus Items Revealed

The Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV is going to have a free playable demo on Windows Store, Origin, and Steam. It will offer the entirety of Chapter One, including the tutorial and first few quests. In other news, buying the game on Steam until May will get you the Half-Life pack, turning Noctis into a Gordon Freeman cosplayer.

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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo & Bonus Items Revealed
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo & Bonus Items Revealed

The launch of Final Fantasy XV Windows version is coming out soon; in a little over a week, in fact. A lot of people have been wanting this ever since FFXV launched, so hopefully everything goes smoothly. That being said, you might want to test the game out on your rig before buying, just in case. And, luckily, you’ll have the chance to do so. Starting February 26th, a free playable demo for FFXV Windows Edition will be available on Steam, Origin, and Microsoft Store.

In the free playable demo, you’ll be able to play through all of Chapter 1. So, the tutorial and the opening handful of quests. That way, you’ll get to see how well Final Fantasy XV works on your PC; plus, you’ll know if you want to buy it at all. Might even like it enough to preorder it.

Speaking of, if you purchase the FFXV Windows Edition on Steam until May 1st, you’ll get the Half-life pack via Steam Workshop. The pack includes the HEV Suit, Scientist Glasses, and a crowbar. You can apply this costume both on Noctis and your own custom characters in the FFXV Comrades Multiplayer Expansion. Also, if you pre-order on Steam, you’ll get the FFXV Fashion Collection. Pre-purchasing on Origin will get you the FFXV Decal Selection, and the Microsoft Store will net you the FFXV Powerup Pack. As far as Origin goes, more early purchases bonuses will be announced in the near future.

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