FF16 Bomb King Location

In our FF16 Bomb King Location guide, we are going to show you where to find the Bomb King boss in the Final Fantasy 16 Weird Science side quest. It is in a remote place in Sanberque, one that you would definitely not think to look in. If you even know the area exists, that is. So, let’s get right into it.

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ff16 bomb king location
FF16 Bomb King Location

Where to Find Bomb King Location in Final Fantasy 16

To find the location of the Bomb King in the Final Fantasy 16 or FF16 Weird Science side quest, you need to go to the area of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque called the Crock. The only way to get there is through The Dragon’s Aery. Teleport there if you have the fast travel obelisk activated, then go to the very south of the area. There, you’ll find two relatively narrow passages leading to the southeast and the southwest. Take the one going southeast and follow it into The Imperial Chase. At one point, you’ll come across a path leading north (or left, if you will). Take that path all the way into The Crock. It’s a large stone arena, and the inactive Bomb King will be waiting in the center.

And there you have it, that’s where you’ll find the location of the Bomb King boss in FF16 or Final Fantasy 16. Now, the monster is just a big, round rock int he middle of The Crock. It could be an intriguing hook for a further quest, but nope. The Bomb King will spring to fiery life as soon as you come close enough. In the fight itself, the boss will live up to its name. It keeps throwing explosions at you, many of which require two dodges to save your skin. So, just keep your distance and observe the Bomb King’s moves. Only attack when you have a clear opening to do so. Good luck!

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