Frozen Tears Final Fantasy 16

Crafting is an important gameplay element in Final Fantasy XVI, one which you will need to utilize in order to get some of the best gear in the game. Of course, certain crafting materials are much harder to get than others. Take the Frozen Tears as an example. You can use this material to reinforce and craft some equipment at Cid’s Hideaway. Though, naturally, you first need to obtain some. Which can be complicated, as this isn’t a common material. If you were wondering where and how you can get Frozen Tears in Final Fantasy 16, we are going to show you the way to acquire them in FF16.

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Frozen Tears Final Fantasy 16
Frozen Tears Final Fantasy 16

How to Get and Use Frozen Tears in FF16

While you can get Frozen Tears from other enemies in FF16, the one enemy that we have found it as a guaranteed drop is the Shiva’s Dominant. This is a mini boss that you will encounter during the Main Quest. Specifically, as part of the “A Chance Encounter” MQ. She is present in the Nysa Defile, in the Dhalmekian Republic Region. You will face her after a short cutscene there. But be warned, as she is a very dangerous enemy, one that wields powerful ice magic.

Shiva’s Dominant has several AoE attacks. The first of these triggers when you get too close to her. You can tell that she is about to set it off thanks to the ice forming in front of her. When you see that she is about to cast it, break off your attack and move away from her. She also has another dangerous attack where she will fly up and cause ice to rain down. Again, you will see where this ice is going to fall, so the best course of action is to evade it. The Frozen Tear is used for crafting and reinforcing certain equipment, such as Iron Bracers and the Broadsword.

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