Who is Margrace in FF16

The Final Fantasy 16 Margrace identity is one of the questions that has been bothering FFXVI players since the game’s release. This mysterious hooded man has been on Clive’s radar ever since he learned that he is the Dominant of a Fire Eikon. However, who is Margrace in Final Fantasy 16? Read on as we explain everything we know.

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Who is Margrace in FF16

Who is Margrace in Final Fantasy 16

The story in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most complex in this series. It features numerous multi-layered characters, intertwined relationships, political struggles, and much more. Early on, the main protagonist, Clive Rosfield, experiences many life-changing moments. The most tragic moment is the apparent death of his brother Joshua. And that’s where the FF16 mysterious hooded man Margrace comes into the equation. Namely, Clive believes that Margrace is the one responsible for Joshua’s death. He firmly believes that he appeared to him at Phoenix Gate and left him without his brother. Hence, during the bigger part of the story in FXVI, Clive will pursue Margrace on a mission for revenge, to avenge his brother’s death. However, how is Margrace in Final Fantasy XVI?

It goes without saying, but we must warn that there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Around halfway through the story of Final Fantasy 16, Margrace will reveal that he is actually Joshua. Joshua has survived the attack on Drake’s Head in the Holy Kingdom of Sanbreque, and Clive has become aware of that at one point. Ever since, he wanted to find his little bro. During the second part of the Final Fantasy 16 campaign, Clive and Joshua will work together, for a good cause. Even while he was Margrace, Joshua was never the villainous character. Rather, he simply wanted to help his brother in a battle against the looming chaos above the realm of Valisthea.

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