Wind Shard Final Fantasy 16

Want to know how to get the Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16? The next iteration of Final Fantasy games is here, and it comes packed with content. Among the game’s various gameplay features, crafting is one of the more prominent. Many of the game’s strongest weapons and armor pieces are only obtainable via crafting. In this guide, we explain where to find the Wind Shard and what to use it for.

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Wind Shard Final Fantasy 16
FF16 Wind Shard Location

Where to Find Wind Shard in Final Fantasy XVI

The crafting system in Final Fantasy 16 is a rather peculiar one. Of course, like in most RPGs, we have our faithful blacksmith in The Hideaway, our base of operation. His name is Blackthorne, the blacksmith. This is where we will do most of our weapon and armour crafting and gear upgrading. However, unlike in many other RPG titles, crafting in FF16 will not require tireless grinding until you have enough rare items and materials needed for an upgrade of your choosing. Rather, most of the weapons will have very specific items required for their crafting. For example, in order to craft the Stormcry, you will need the Wind Shard.

The Wind Shard in Final Fantasy XVI is a unique crafting material. It is not something you can find or get as a random drop from an enemy. Rather, you can find only one in the game, and only at one location. FF16 Wind Shard is acquired by defeating Garuda. Garuda is one of the Ekion bosses, and you’ll stumble upon him naturally as you progress through the main quest. The description of the Wind Shard reads: “The power of the Eikon Garuda made manifest. This shard of crystal is light as a feather and can be heard to emit a soft hum when held to the ear.”

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