How to get For Honor Closed Beta Keys in the UK instantly

There are two ways to get closed beta keys for For Honor. The first one is applying on the official website and waiting for the key. The second one, if you’re in the United Kingdom, is visiting an official Ubisoft animated website called Scars. After completing all the steps there, you will get a key instantly. Keep in mind that it is not a survey or a scam website. You will be able to choose a code for Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC. Check out the details below.

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For Honor How to get instant Closed Beta Keys
For Honor Closed Beta Key

You can find the Scars website HERE.

After entering your birthday, you will be able to chose one of three warriors: the Warden, the Kensei and the Raider. When you have made your choice, scrolling the mouse will unlock some clickable points that will play a video, telling you a story of your chosen hero. You can skip all these steps just by scrolling down.

After that, you will be able to create your hero’s weapon, choosing between a sword, axe or a hodachi. When you have completed the customization, you will be able to select an option that says “obtain your beta code”. It will then ask you to connect with your Uplay, Playstation Network or Xbox Live accounts.

The site looks really nice, and the models of the weapons and heroes look amazing. This is also a great opportunity to learn the history of each hero and their faction, if you’re interested. You can always go back and chose a different hero or weapon to customize.

For Honor Closed Beta will let us play with 9 different heroes in 3 factions. There will be five multiplayer modes: Dominion in 4vs4, Brawl in 2vs2 and Duel in 1vs1 combat. There will also be a faction war mode – a persistent mode that will monitor the progress of each faction through different battles.

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    Why does it get full way loaded and not let u make weapon to get key

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