For Honor Season 2 Getting New Characters And Maps

Ubisoft has revealed what they have in store for the second season of For Honor. Players will be getting two new heroes and two new maps to further the eternal conflict of the Faction War. Season Two will also bring a new Epic level of gear rarity, adjust the overall gear balance, and increase the maximum gear score.

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For Honor Season 2 Getting New Characters And Maps
For Honor Season 2 Getting New Characters And Maps

Yesterday, Ubisoft published a post on Ubiblog detailing what they’ll be introducing in For Honor Season 2, which will start on May 16th. The main draw are two new heroes and maps, as well as the Epic gear tier. Other than that, they’ll make adjustments to the gear balance, and increase your maximum gear score.

The two new characters will become available to season pass owners “for free” on the day Season Two starts. Others will be able to purchase them using Steel, the in-game currency. Or, you know, through microtransactions, most likely. Here are the two new heroes and their descriptions.

  • Shinobi – Wielding the Japanese Kusarigama, the Shinobi is a Samurai Assassin who moves gracefully and strikes with precision.
  • Centurion – A Knight Hybrid, the Centurion uses the classic gladius to deal damage at close range.

As for the two new maps, their names are Forge and Temple Garden. Both maps will be available for free to all players once the second season launches, along with the gear updates mentioned above. Of course, the Faction War is also returning. Last season, the Viking faction came out victorious. We’ll see if they’ll manage to repeat their success in Season Two.

Ubisoft also released a CGI cinematic trailer for the second season, introducing the Shinobi and the Centurion. They’re represented as two statues glowing from inside. The text just reads Season II – Shadow and Might. It’s minimalist, to say the least, but it does look kinda cool. You can check out the video below.

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