Fortnite Alien Artifacts Week 5 Locations

The Fortnite Alien Artifacts Week 5 Locations are in five different places this time around. Four of them are in named POIs; specifically, they’re in Misty Meadows, Retail Row, Believer Beach and Pleasant Park. The fifth one is outside of Craggy Cliffs. However, all five of them are in places that you might not consider looking in, especially the one in Misty Meadows. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you where to find the Week 5 Alien Artifacts.

fortnite alien artifacts week 5 locations
Fortnite Alien Artifacts Week 5 Locations

Where to Find Week 5 Alien Artifacts Locations in Fortnite

To find the Fortnite Week 5 Alien Artifacts locations, you need to visit five different places. Four of them are in named locations – Believer Beach, Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Misty Meadows. The fifth one is a bit further away from a named POI, but it’s still near Craggy Cliffs enough to use them as a point of reference. Below, you’ll find a brief explanation of each location, as well as a map to help you on your journey.

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  • Find the blue house in the southeast of Believer Beach, the one with an alien sign. The artifact is in the attic above the bedroom.
  • The artifact is floating above the chest in the gazebo/picnic area in the center of Pleasant Park.
  • Go northeast of Craggy Cliffs and climb up the hill where the campsite overlooking the ocean is. The artifact is under a tree.
  • In the southeast of Retail Row, find the bus stop near the basketball court. Look for the artifact in the grass behind the bus stop.
  • Find the clock tower in Misty Meadows. The artifact is floating just under the roof of the tower, way at the very top. Be careful how you approach it.
where to find week 5 alien artifacts locations in fortnite
Week 5 Alien Artifact locations (click or tap to enlarge)

So, those are the Week 5 Alien Artifacts locations in Fortnite. If you’re somehow super-late to the party and don’t know what these are for, let’s get you up to speed. When you purchase the current season pass, you get an alien skin called Kymera. When you collect Alien Artifacts, you get a resource that you can then spend to customize that skin to your liking. You can change the eye shape and color, the shape of the head and face, the skin color and pattern, and more.

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