Fortnite BR ATK Golf Cart Locations - Where to find All Terrain Kart

ATK is the first proper vehicle to be added to Fortnite Battle Royale. The All Terrain Kart is actually a beefed up golf cart, and you can find them in several places across the map. They can fit an entire squad, and have a bit more features than shopping carts. For one, there’s a bounce pad on the roof. If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of one, our Fortnite BR ATK golf cart locations guide will show you where to find them.

All Terrain Kart Locations

We found three of them in Snobby Shores. The first one was in the garage of the northernmost house, the one that used to hold two muscle cars. Now there’s one muscle car and a golf cart. There are two more in the area, parked next to the guardhouse in the north, by the road that leads to Tilted Towers.

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We found another few at Lazy Links, the fancy new place that sits where Anarchy Acres used to be. There’s one in front of the garages, in the southwestern corner of the compound. It’s in front of the only closed garage. There were another two next to the lake in the northeast of the area.

You can get one at the race track in the east of the map. It’s where the shopping cart races used to take place. Now it’s a proper racing circuit, and it’s in the desert. Go into the garage, which is the bigger of the two buildings. The kart should be parked inside.

You can also find one in the new town in the desert, Paradise Palms. There’s a small square in the middle of the town, with a big cactus. Land there and look around you – there should be an ATK under the eaves.

While you’re in the desert, follow the road south from Paradise Palms. After you pass a bridge, when you’re directly north of the wild west town, you should see a police car and a golf cart by the road (thanks to Zach M for the tip).

If you keep going west along the road, you can find another one at the gas station near the edge of the desert. It’s between the gas station building and the water tower.

We’ve found another cart in the northeastern corner of the map. There’s a lone house north of Wailing Woods, on the edge of the map, that looks like a player-built structure. An ATK can spawn in the driveway, in front of the garage.

Yet another kart can be found in Junk Junction, in the far northwest of the map. When you land there, go to the big building in the center of the area. There’s a chance you’ll find a vehicle in front of it, by the garage doors.

Golf karts are a great means of transportation, and you can use them to drive your whole squad through a rift without taking damage. They’re also pretty fun to drive, especially once you get the hang of backseat steering.

There are many more strewn across different locations, be we haven’t had the chance to steal them ourselves. We’re going to keep playing, and updating this guide with new locations as we stumble upon them. If you find a golf cart we haven’t mentioned, feel free to let us know in the commments, and we’ll get right to it.

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    There one pulled over by a police car on the road near the small chest filled unnamed town in H9 .

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    Is there anyway you could add all the circles on one singular map?

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    Now I know where to get them from

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