Complete Timed Trials - Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge

Complete timed trials is one of the week 3 challenges in season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to scratch it off the list, you’ll need to finish three of these trials, which will reward you with five battle stars (half a tier). Completing them won’t be the only problem you’ll have, though – you’ll also have to find them. If you get stuck with this challenge, keep reading our Fortnite BR complete timed trials guide.

fortnite br complete timed trials weekly challenge
Fortnite BR Complete Timed Trials – Weekly Challenge

How to complete timed trials?

In order to complete a timed trial, you’ll have to find a glowing symbol that looks like a stopwatch. You’ll find it hovering above the ground. Approach it and interact with it, and the challenge will start. Once it does, you’ll have to pass through all the checkpoints that appear in order to complete it.

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Timed trial locations

We found the first trial in Tomato Temple. It’s on the stairs leading up to the top of the temple, on the west side. The trail of checkpoints will lead you up and to your right – you’ll need some materials in order to complete it, so stock up before you go there.

The next one we found was at Omega’s ruined base – the unnamed location at the top of the hill northeast of Snobby Shores. It’s where the rocket silo used to be. Climb to the top of the hill and you’ll see the challenge symbol near where the entrance used to be.

The third one is at the orange bridge, southeast of Shifty Shafts. You’ll find it in the middle of the road, on the west side of the river. Come prepared, as some building in required.

Then there’s the one on the outskirts of Tilted Towers. You’ll find it on the hill south of the city, next to the dilapidated shack. You’ll need quite a few materials to reach all the checkpoints.

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