Fortnite Destroy Stop Signs With Catalyst Outfit Challenge

Destroy stop signs with Catalyst outfit is one of the new challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll first have to equip the Catalyst skin, which you’ll get automatically when you buy the season X battle pass. Then, you’ll have to find and destroy 10 stop signs. Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of them scattered around the map. This guide is going to show you ten Fortnite stop sign locations, to help you complete the challenge.

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fortnite br destroy stop signs with catalyst outfit
Fortnite Destroy Stop Signs With Catalyst Outfit Challenge

Stop sign locations

Since there are dozens of them literally everywhere, we’re going to focus on a place where you can get all 10 in one go easily. Any bigger place has them, but Pleasant Park has 10 alone. Land there when the bus route is farther away and you’ll have no trouble completing the challenge. Here’s where we found them:

fortnite br stop sign locations

To tell the truth, season X is off to a bad start, as far as I’m concerned. The challenges are either tedious or just plain uninteresting, the outfits are all reskins of old stuff – the only thing that is actually exciting are the map changes and the new items and vehicles. And that’s something you’ll get even without paying for the battle pass. When you hear the horror stories about people having 100 hour work days at Epic, you expect more than just re-skinned outfits and reheating the same challenges for the umpteenth time.

Until now, every season had some amazing paid outfits, and the earlier ones even had great, interesting challenges. Now, not so much. Maybe I’m being old fashioned here, but this season seems really underwhelming compared to the previous ones. Let’s hope the new missions shake things up a bit, or that the giant bipedal robots are enough to carry us over to the next one.


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